Saturday, December 22, 2012

Daxtons FIRST Thanksgiving 2012

We love Thanksgiving it always holds a special place in our heart because a year ago on Thanksgiving we told our families that we were expecting a Baby.We left Wednesday morning for St George.The drive was great Dax slept most of the way. We we're the first ones to get to Johns parents house.It was fun to hangout with them one on one.I love hanging out with them before any of the other siblings get there because it always gets hectic well not really compared to my family but you know what I mean.  Dax was such a good boy the whole way there.He slept and was so happy when we arrived. After we brought our bags in we decided to go hangout in the backyard by the pool. To my surprise John decided to stick Daxs feet in and he loved it! He didn't really make any reaction but it was cute at almost 5 Months old he experiences water fun! As the day progressed the rest of the Carpenter Family came.That night we had dinner hung out and relaxed the kids went swimming played with Ipads and had fun.The adults watched X factor and all sat around and talked.I was getting anxious for Thanksgiving because we we're planning on going down to my Family's house in Vegas for Thanksgiving. That morning we woke up got all ready and started looking at the Christmas Ads.Toni called me and said that some of them we're sick and they weren't going to celebrate Thanksgiving. I was sad and bummed out. I really wanted to see my Family but I knew we didn't want to get sick either. So we spent Thanksgiving with The Carpenter Family. We hung out with all the niece and nephews and siblings. Thanksgiving Dinner was delicious.We had the Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey, Ham, green bean casserole which I loved.Mashed potatoes, rolls,vegetable tray and much more. As we we're eating Grandma Carpenter went around to everyone and asked everyone individually what we we're thankful for.John and I decided to venture out to Black Friday or should I say black Thursday and we bought a few things.It was fun and surprisingly not to crazy. The next day we all hung out the kids Aunt Chelle Aunt Stacy and Grandma Carpenter went swimming with the kids and the Boys all went golfing. The golf course is the Carpenter Grandparents backyard so it was fun to see them on the golf carts and playing together.together. Dax and Josh loved playing together on the playmat. It was fun to see them playing together, That night we had Spaghetti for dinner and then we got all ready packed up the car and left for home. All in all it was a fun Thanksgiving. I appreciate being apart of an amazing Family especially being married into. Uou never know what you marry into I sure lucked out and I am excited to see the Frustaci Family next year. 


Friday, December 7, 2012

Daxton 5 Months

I can't believe Dax is 5 Months old today. He is getting bigger and bigger each day. It has been quite an exciting month. He started eating Rice Cereal at 4 Months. It was quite interesting. We sat him in his bumbo put him in a bib and got a baby spoon and a baby bowl and attempted to feed him Rice Cereal. First of all he HATES the bumbo. He didn't like the Rice Cereal at all. We got some cute pictures though. He mostly spit up the Rice Cereal so we decided to put it in his bottle with his formula and he was just fine. He still hates the bath and I think it's because he isn't fully emerged with water. Only because I am holding him up with one hand and bathing washing him with the other and the water isn't super full in his little bath. Regardless he LOVES taking showers with his Daddy.He cuddles and puts his head right underneath Johns armpit. His hair is wavy and a little curly when it's wet and then it dries completely straight but has a little wave to it and swoops to one side all on it's own. He loves watching Dora, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Never land Pirates, ax and Ruby, He loves to kick and squeal, laugh when he is in his swing watching his shows. It is so cute to watch and observe him.He has such a fun endearing personality. He is so animated and full of life. He FINALLY decided to roll over. At 4 1/2 Months old.We had just finished watching TV and John was going to get ready for work. Well Dax was on his Playmat and he started to roll and then actually did it. Luckily I had my phone ready and was recording it and was squealing with excitement. John was right by him.He rolled from his back to his stomach, then to his stomach to his back. We call him rollie pollie,monkey,honey bear and of course Mr Piggy. He steal snorts when he eats and is very loud when he eats as well. We bark at  him like a puppy and growl at him like a monster and he laughs and smiles and squeals. He loves playing Peek a Boo. He is very cuddly. We also call him our cuddle bear. He eats 5 to 6 times a day. 6 ounces and rice cereal once a day. John taught Dax to stick out his tongue. He loves to and we call him a Lizard. It is quite funny to see John and Dax interact with one another. Dax still takes naps all the time. Whether it's in the car or falling asleep in his swing. I make sure to keep him up at least till 10pm so he sleeps until 6 or 7 am which is nice for us. Dax still takes morning and afternoon naps. We call him Dax or Daxton and most of the time he looks over at us.It makes us so happy. He is definitely a Bink Baby. He loves loves his Nuk baseball bink. He loves his ele stuffed animal. He take it everywhere it is so cute to see him hold onto it and cuddle with it.He is a good boy at church. He either sleeps or is awake and animated. Only a few times has he cried only because he was teething. TEETHING ugh..has not been fun to say the least. Sometimes he will cry for hours on end. We cuddle him and give him teething medicine.  Dax loves looking at the Christmas Tree with all the pretty lights.He is teething like crazy and it has been a hard couple of weeks. He loves sucking on his fingers and sucking his bottle so hard it feels good on his gums. He loves his medicine for his gums as well.He sucks it down like it's candy.He looks more and more like John everyday, Which is cute.I love his dimples. I LOVE laughing with him.Sometimes I'll laugh and laugh and he will laugh back and we'll go back and forth.We are excited for the next few months.Next Month he is able to start eating baby foods we are so excited! Life is so fun exciting and enjoyable. Being a Mom is the most rewarding job I have ever had.When I am rocking him to sleep I always sing him the same 2 Primary Song's.These are the same 2 I have sung since he was a week old. I am a Child of God and a Child's Prayer. We have a picture of Christ in his Room and downstairs.We always show him who Jesus is and talk about him. Dax has made our life so much more fuller and exciting. We love you little man and can't wait for more fun memorable memories. Happy 5 Months Daxton.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Daxton 4 Months

 Well Dax is now 4 Month's old and growing like crazy. Time is going so fast and he is getting bigger and bigger each day,In the past month a lot has happened. He is liking tummy time more and more.Instead of 1 to 2 minutes he know does tummy time 3 to 4 minutes and doesn't complain too much.He looks up at me and smiles and loves looking at his little animals on his play mat.He recognizes who John and I are and always cries when we leave the room.He laughs smiles and squeals to others and himself. He reaches for his toys on his play mat which we call Mr. Elephant and Monkey.He rolls from side to side and hasn't quite rolled over yet.He gets so close and then decides to give up and stop it's quite cute.He eats every 3 to 4 hrs depending on how hungry he is. He drinks about 6 oz and is such a little piggy.As soon as we take the bottle away he squeals like crazy it's hilarious. He still hates the bath although he is getting a little better. He always screams when we first put him in the bath but after a few minutes he is okay depending on the day.But lately he has been taking shower's with Daddy and loves it.He loves when the water splashes in his face and it's fun to have Dax and Daddy bonding time. Dax usually sleeps from 10pm to 6am or 11pm to 8am it varies.If he goes to bed eariler like 8:30 he'll wake up at 3am or 4 so I try to keep him up for as long as possible so that I wake up at a reasonable time. He always takes a morning and a afternoon nap.around 10am and 3pm for about 30 to 45 minutes.It is nice so I take advantage and try to get as much as I can do in that time frame. He loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,Dora,Max and Ruby,Little Einsteins. He is very fascinated and squeals and kicks.He loves his swing he often falls asleep in it too. I talk to him all day everyday.I tell him what we're going to do for the day and so on. He is quite the cuddle bug.He always cries when he wakes up from a nap or in the morning when he is first waking up.Sometimes he'll just stare at his mobile, I'll come in there turn it on and he gets so excited! He will kick and squeal and laugh. He tries to hod his bottle but that only lasts a few seconds.He still loves his bink and will only take his Baseball Nuk Kind. It is very soothing for him and he can't go anywhere without it. Dax had a few crazy weeks.He has blood in his stool for a few days and it went away then came back so we decided to take him to the DR. They assumed that it was from the Costco Formula. Although he had been on that formula for quite sometime so hard to know for sure. They told me to put him on Enfamil Nutramegin it is a hypoallergenic kind and helps with the digestive system. The DR said some babies have a hard time digesting. So I went home with samples from our office and tried it out.First off it smelt the point where I wanted to throw up. He hated it to say the least. He tried for a week and kept spitting up not just a little it was a lot and then after he would spit up the formula he would spit up clear liquid as well. And on top of that he would scream when he spit up.So he was not having the best time adjusting. I decided to call the DR and they suggested a different formula Similac and a medicine for his spitting up they thought could be acid reflux.I thought okay we will give this a try and it did not help one bit.He spit up even more and hated the medicine. so after a few weeks of changing formulas, DR visits John and I decided to put him back on the Costco formula just to see what would happen.He did great and there was no bloody poop.So needless to say I am sure that his weight suffered a tiny bit because of the problem he had. Dax's 4 Month appt went great.The first thing the Nurse did was measure his head and boy is it HUGE!!!! 50% percentile no wonder I needed a C Section it seriously gets bigger at each appt.Next we laid him on the table and the first vaccine was Oral and it was sour.The Nurse said he will either hate it or love it.Well Dax loved it! He sucked that down so fast it was so cute. The Nurse said well he is going to want a lot of Halloween candy next year.The shots weren't too bad. He had 2 in each thigh and got a Ernie and Elmo band aid. Dr Cox came in after and talked to us. He asked generic questions about Dax's development and he is right on track He told us that we can start him on rice cereal once a day so we we're super excited about that. We we're preparing ourselves for a long day.Last time he had his 2 month shots he cried all day and night. He did amazing after we left he slept while we ran errands and wasn't too fussy. He slept amazing and didn't need any pedicure. I have to say he is drooling like crazy. His favorite thing to do right now is put his hands in his mouth and drool everywhere. He loves being held and loves to cuddle. We love it.We love taking naps and seeing him grow and change more and more everyday. We are excited for the next few months, hopefully he will decide to roll over and just do it already. We are so thankful for all the fun sweet moments he has brought into our lives the past 4 months. He truly is the sweetest cutest little man ever.

                                             -Rolls Over
                                             -Tummy Time





Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Daxton's First Halloween 2012

October 31st 2012
Halloween was so much fun. We we're most excited to dress Dax up of course. Luckily we decided to get his Halloween costume a month prior so we could have more of a selection. We went Target and found a Skeleton and a Tiger. We decided on the Tiger.It was cute and I think more Dax's style. We decided to buy our Halloween candy a few weeks before just so we had a good selection and could eat some of the candy ourselves and we sure did.We drove around the day before Halloween looking for a Pumpkin Patch didn't really see any we liked so we decided to just go to Smith's it's a grocery store and pick out our pumpkins there. It was fun. John picked out a Big Pumpkin because he's Big and Tall and Daddy.I picked out a medium size one because I'm Mommy and we got Dax a baby size one. Halloween morning was fun and exciting. We got Dax in his Tiger Costume and took some pictures of him and couldn't stop kissing and loving on him.We drove up to City Creek it is in Salt Lake and it is an outdoor mall and it is beautiful.It has nice upscale shops, fine dining and a food court and it's all open.clean and classy. We walked in a few stores and window shopped, surprisingly Dax stayed asleep the entire time.By the time we left it was around lunchtime and John had asked me where I wanted to eat at and I said In N Out sounds good so we went there and got our food to go.We came home ate our food watched some TV and John started carving our Pumpkins. He decided to just do something easy and he did Jack o later en faces. I started to clean out all the goo of my pumpkin and was disgusted.It was a lot messier that I thought and my hands we're super sticky so I asked John if he would finish cleaning it and of course he said yes. After we we're done we got all ready and left for the night.We went to his friend's from work a couple that works together at the Prison and they fell in love with Dax it was cute.We left there and went to his Sister Michelle's trunk or treat that was fun.We ate candy hung out and showed off Dax the Tiger. We left there and went back to Michelle's and hung out talked laughed and took pictures. We decided to go home after that since we still needed to make dinner.I was excited to get home start our Halloween Night as a family and pass out candy to the trick or treaters.Well when we pulled into our neighborhood there wasn't a single kid trick or treating.I thought it's dark out and only 7:30 where could all the kids be? I started dinner and John left and went to go pick up a few things at the store.We made tacos and I made Homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.They we're so good. They we're soft chewy and ooey gooey. We watched Hocus Pocus I know it's not a scary movie but it's my favorite and a total classic. A few trick or treaters came by and we went to our neighbors to say Hi and have Dax trick or treat. All in all it was a fun memorable Halloween as a family.I can't wait for next year, and will be able to walk and will be more lively. Until next year Happy Halloween.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Daxton's Blessing Day October 2012

We Blessed Daxton on October 14th,2012. We decided to only have immediate family come and it was a joyous occasion. I was so excited to buy Daxton's blessing outfit. I found him a cute white tux.It fit perfectly and he looked adorable. I actually everywhere and I finally found the one I wanted at a store called dressed in white in Orem next to the Distribution center and Desert.  We we're so excited and so happy for Daxton's special day. We we're fortunate enough to have both of our immediate families with us.In the circle we had both our dad's and all our brothers except for a few. We woke up that morning and we're so excited and got Daxton all ready. I told myself that I wouldn't cry but I did.I was so overcome by the spirit and it felt so good to hear John give Daxton a wonderful special sweet blessing that was just for Dax.It was fast and testimony meeting since the week before was General Conference and John had asked me if I was planning on bearing my testimony and I said it is not something you plan it's something that if you feel the spirit you go ahead and share your testimony. So after my brother Richard, My Dad and John bore theirs I felt a little obligated but nonetheless wanted to go up so I did and it I was so glad I did and John's Mom did as well. We all came back to our house after Sacrament and had a lunch get together here.We bought pulled pork from Costco, rolls and a yummy sheet cake. Everyone brought something and everyone had a great time. It was so fun to have our families together and celebrate Daxton's Blessing. It made me so thankful that John and I we're married in the Temple for Time and al Eternity and that Daxton was born under the covenant. After everyone left me and some of my siblings drove up to Sandy and visited our grandparents that was fun for them to see Paulo and Dax and just enjoy their prescence.When Daxton and I got home I decided to put his blessing tux on again and take a few more pictures, why not right? It was fun seeing him in all white. It made me happy and made me think of the Temple and how White is Sacred and Holy and Pure. These little special moments go so fast you have to take it all in slowly but all in all we enjoyed the day. Here are some pictures from his special day. I even took some later that night because I couldn't resist how could he looked in his all white little blessing suit.