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21 Days Left, Kidney Pain.Hosptial Visits.End of LAST trimester June 2012

Well the last time I Updated my Pregnancy Blog I was 33 Weeks along. it's been about 4 weeks now and my Pregnancy is slowly coming to an end.I have to say the my Last Trimester has been by far the most challenging. 
Third Trimester Appts
5/16- 32 1/2 weeks. Strong Heartbeat,Happy,Healthy
5/30- 34 1/2 weeks- Dr Ollerton saw my Curly Hair for the first time and Thought it was so cute.Even tho it a mess and I felt gross. Dax still doing great. Such a trooper. 
6/13-36 1/2 weeks-Strong Heartbeat,Healthy,Measuring perfect. we got an Ultrasound and he is approx 6 pds everything looks good.I am dilated to 2 CM and 80% effaced.

So During these last few weeks A lot has happened.I quit my Job May 30th It was getting too hard sitting at a computer hunched over for 8 hrs a day. My back pain was getting worse and my heating pad and Tylenol just weren't cutting it.The following day we went to Vegas for the weekend for my Shower.I do not recommend traveling in your last Trimester,it was very uncomfortable and hot.I made it through though. I have been craving Mexican food SO much.Dax seriously loves it. It's funny because everything I hated in my first Trimester I am loving now. Since about 6 months into my Pregnancy I get full so fast and can hardly move after I eat. It is very annoying to say the least. Getting out of my bed is so hard and irritating. John has to push and pull me up and I just feel like a Whale.I have gained around 33 pounds which is all BELLY and it is getting hard to carry it around.So as of Monday the 11th our 1 Year Anniversary I have had a Normal Pregnancy. I woke up and John put the Bumper in Dax's crib and hung up some other pictures,we we're enjoying our 1 yr Anniversary. 10 am came around and I started getting really bad back pain.I tried everything from a Hot Bath,Taking Tylenol, heating pad,sleeping all day.Well 4pm comes and I am at this point crying it hurts so bad.I called my Dr's Office Prior & the Hospital and they said you can come in and we can see what is going on otherwise there is nothing we can do without checking you. So John called off and we drove to the Hospital.Of Course we hit bumper to bumper traffic because it's getting close to 5pm..John cuts off a ton of people while his hazards lights are on and poor me crying and walling in pain. It was a long 30 minute drive but I was thankful we finally got there safe. So we got there and we were admitted in a room right away, got into a gown and was crying in pain. They told me that Kidney pain was extremely common for Pregnant Women and so that made me feel a little more at ease. They gave me an IV and did an ultrasound of my Kidneys and they we're swollen along with my Ureter. We we're there for 5 hours and let all of our family know so that they could keep me and Dax in their prayers.This seriously didn't phase Dax at all. The Nurses we're like you have a very active Baby and it was fun to feel him move despite all the pain I was in.In fact every time he kicked me it was right near or around my Kidney. They ended up sending us home because all the tests they did came back normal. They did say it could be Hydronephrosis which is swelling of the kidney's explained that normally if they pain doesn't stop they can put stints in but since I am so far along they wouldn't.They sent us home on Ambien and Pain medication which made me nauseated after taking it once. The next day I had pain of a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 but a few hours later it came on stronger than before, so we called my Dr and immediately went back to the hospital. I was walling and crying SO much John had to do all the talking. I had the sweetest Nurses and they made me very comfortable and at ease.They gave me an IV of antibiotic hoping if it was an infection that this would make it go away. They had the On Call DR from my Practice come in and see me Dr Lameurax and he felt my Gallbladder and it was tender to the touch, so they did an ultrasound on my gallbladder,liver,kidney and my kidney was the only thing that came up swollen.I was having pain in my gallbladder but he wanted to have Surgeons consult with me and tell me the pros and cons of removing my gallbladder.They weren't 100% sure that that's what was causing my pain and the more we talked and discussed we ruled it out and overall thought Kidney Pain.I was 36 1/2 weeks along and they said if the pain continues we might induce because we don't want you on Pain medications  for the remaining 3 weeks of your Pregnancy.The next day was John's Birthday so he was hoping that they would induce me that night.I kinda thought they would too and was starting to mentally prepare myself. They called my OB Dr Ollerton and they both we're against inducing since I wasn't full term and wanted to wait it out. So we left at 7pm after being there since Noon so it was LONG day. I took more pain medication because the pain wasn't easing up,we went to the DR that early afternoon and he gave me a shot of antibiotic in both hips in hopes in was an infection and it was or so we think. After 3pm that day I haven't taken a single pain medication and am feeling fine.I am grateful for my Husband and willingness to give me a blessing and take such good care of Dax and I. I can honestly say it happened for a reason maybe to build up my pain tolerance for when I have Dax because I have none. IV'S and Cathider's don't scare me now and I have a greater appreciation for my health.

Now 21 DAYS to go.I have packed mine and Daxton's bags and they are by our bedroom door.So whenever he decides to come we will be ready. I am OVER being Pregnant needless to say.I have had an amazing easy Pregnancy expect for the 3 days of Kidney pain, so I can't complain too much. I am on a antibiotic for a week to make sure the infection is taken care of. Now the waiting game to see when Dax will come. We are both SO anxious and excited. Whenever I think about it I get emotional thinking I am going to be a Mother and have an eternal family and holding him for the first time. We are blessed beyond belief and I am so grateful that I am able to bear children. 

They did say i was a little Dehydrated so I am staying HYDRATED!!! And taking it easy.I take 2/3 hr naps a day and relax as much as possible. I know that it could be any day so I am just mentally preparing myself.I am happy that John is Getting PAID PATERNITY LEAVE for a month and that starts June 24th next Sunday.

One good thing that came from this was we did an Ultrasound he kept moving so much but we we're able to see his Lips and they are SO cute! I would put my hand on my belly and move him and he would punch back at me like a boxer it was funny

I know that Heavenly Father was watching over us and I am so thankful that John has the feeling to take me to the Hospital and see what was going on. 

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