Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OUR 1 year Anniversary

It is so weird to think that we have already approached our 1 Year Anniversary. So much has happened in the course of our first year as Husband and Wife. When we look back on the first year together we have both changed for the better as individuals and as Husband and Wife. We look back at the first 3 months of Marriage and that was the most challenging for us. Getting use to living with one another,Communication,and all that comes with being Married. I remember our first few weeks in our Apartment and we so giddy and would always say Hi Husband, Hi Wife. What We enjoy Date Nights whether it's to the Movies, out to dinner, taking a walk, a drive. We are each others best friend and always try and put each other before our own needs or wants. I admit John is better at doing that than me. As we reminisce our Wedding Day it truly was the Best Day of our Lives. We both can still remember it like it was yesterday. We both had butterflies and we're so anxious to finally be married. We we're engaged for 7 months and it seemed to drag and drag. Finally June 11,2011 came and I remember putting on my Wedding Dress and thinking, I'm Married, I'm a Wife and I am so Incredibly happy. I'll never forget the look John gave me as he saw me in my Wedding Dress for the first time. I love looking at our Wedding Pictures and remembering every moment of our special unforgettable day. Well the two biggest changes that have happened within our first year were we had finally purchased and closed on our first House and finding out we we're going to have a Baby BOY. Yes Crazy but we wouldn't have it any other way. We are so happy and in love just as much, if not more today than we we're on our Wedding Day.

 We celebrated a few days early.John told me to get dressed up so I did and of course I love doing that.He asked me if I had any idea where we we're going for our Anniversary dinner.I said,I hadn't a clue,I said the only fancy place I know is The ROOF off of the movie Charly.We walked into the building and it was the ROOF.I was so excited and surprised. This particular restaurant is very classy and the view outside the window is of the Salt Lake City Temple,so it's a very high view not to mention breathtaking. He can also see other Buildings around Salt Lake, but the Temple is by far the sweetest view. We walked in and told them we had Reservations under Carpenter and they took us to table 11.Which we thought was a fun because the 11th is our Anniversary date, We had the best view our table looked straight out to the Temple and it couldn't have been more perfect. They had a sign that said Happy 1st Anniversary and of course that made us smile. We enjoyed a delicious dinner.They had everything from Rolls to start you off which we soft and fluffy and the butter on them just melted in your mouth. The starters they had was different types of salads from Green lettuce,cold ravioli pasta salad,Fruit and Vegetables. Main courses and other dishes we're shrimp cocktail, salmon,chicken,meat.But our favorite was DESSERT of course. They had so many different choices from custard,cobbler,mini cheesecake.We decided on Chocolate Cake and Red Velvet Cake, it was scrumptious to say the least. We decided to walk around Temple Square and just enjoy the rest of the night. The weather was perfect and it was nice just enjoying each others company, taking pictures.

  But on our "ACTUAL" Anniversary that was a different story. That morning we decided to put together the crib. I was in pain ALL DAY LONG. I took a nap a bath john gave me a massage and by 4pm I was still crying in pain. John decided to call off work and we rushed to Timp Hospital in labor and delivery. I was in ITENSE pain and I didn't know why. They monitored Dax and he was just fine. It was ME that was the problem. After evaluating me for 5 hrs they sent me home on pain meds Lore-tab and Perkiest and I threw both of those up. My body didn't like those very much. After we filled the prescriptions we stopped at DEL and got Chicken Flat bread tacos my favorite CRAVING. We went home and went to bed. The next day we ran some errands and my pain intensified so we went back to Timp. Needless to say John was dragging me in and I was walling in pain. It was quite embarssing. The on call Dr at the moment there was DR Lameraux and he felt my stomach and my gallbladder felt tender and they thought it might be that but it wasn't. The only drug that helped with the pain was MORPHINE and boy did I love it. They knew they were not going to deliver Dax that day because he would of been considered premature and they wanted him in me for as long as possible. John was disappointed because the next day was his birthday and of-course he wanted to share a birthday hahaha. After 7 hours they concluded I had Kidney Nephrosis and my utters were swelling. Dax was kicking them every chance he could get. That night we went home John gave me a blessing and we went to bed. The next day I met with my OB and he gave me 2 shots in my hips and it knocked it out. That pain was EXCORIATING and I hope I never have to endure it again. Needless to say I will never forget how we spent our 1 year Anniversary. 


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