Monday, August 13, 2012

Carlsbad Vacation July 2012

So every year the Carpenter Family goes to their beach house in Carlsbad California for their annual family vacation. I actually went there 2 Years ago when Johnny and I we're dating. He flew me out there and I met his entire immediate family and spent 4 days down there. We fell in love down there and I actually told him i loved him on the Oceanside Pier. We had contemplated even going since we had just had Dax, I was recovering from my C Section and adjusting to having a newborn.I was readmitted to the Hospital that Monday I had a fever of 102 and I ended up having a infection in my uterus.We we're planning on leaving that Wednesday and I  was released Tuesday night and we decided to go ahead with our vacation.

 We left Wednesday night and drove to Hurricane Utah where John's parents live. We had no idea what to expect with a week and a half old new born. Luckily Dax loves the car. He was amazing! He slept until Scipio which is half way there and started getting fussy, so we fed and changed him and got back on the road. He slept the rest of the way and we got there safely.The next day we went and ran some errands in St George. We went shopping and went to the mall as a family, that was so fun! We came back and hung out with John's family, had dinner and relaxed. The next day we relaxed and hung out around the house.We left Friday night for Vegas and stayed at my parents. It was fun to see them interact with Dax again.My Sister Shelby and her Husband Don came over with all my nephews and niece to meet Dax.It was so fun and exciting. We got up early Saturday morning and left for Cali. We we're approaching San Bernardino  and we had to fed and change Dax. As John was changing him he noticed that his umbilical cord fell off. It fell off right at the 2 week mark. We saved it,is that weird? I got a little sad, it was a bittersweet moment.We continued driving and we got to my brother Joe's house in Murrieta. We we're so excited to see them since it had been 3 months since we had last seen them. I was so happy they finally got to meet their new Nephew Dax. Tammy loved holding him and loved soaking in the moment of holding a newborn again. Joe said wow he is light as a feather,Comparing him to Paulo who was 10 pds! Stephen enjoyed holding him and was so happy we we're there.

 We left after a few hours and made our way to Carlsbad. The Cleaning Service wasn't done cleaning the Beach House so we went to Cessy's!!! The BEST Mexican food ever.It's this small family owned place it's so cheap and yummy! John has been eating there for years and the best part it's only a few minutes walking distance from the beach house. After we we're done we went back to the beach house and sat on the back patio soaking in the sun waiting to unpack and get settled. Not long after we we're in our room unpacking and relaxing. We decided to go walk around the Boardwalk and see all the cute shops.After we went back and decided to get dinner at Knockout Burger, it was amazing!!! The next morning was Sunday and we had a little devotional with his family, they talked about all their memories they have had there and how important family is. It was surreal for me since 2 years prior we we're dating and now here I am a Wife and a Mother. We decided to go to the beach that day and Grandma Carpenter decided to stay back and relax and she graciously offered to watch Dax, so we accepted.It was nice to enjoy each others company,smell the ocean air,dig my feet in the sand,watch John body surf and soak in the sun. We only went a few hours then came back to Dax.We went on walks almost every night,Monday Georgia and all the sisters,sister in laws walked down to the Nail Shop & enjoyed the "Tradition" of getting pedicures.It was fun relaxing and enjoyable.We walked around a few fun shops and window shopped.That day I decided to not go down to the beach. John went down for a bit and body surfed.Later that day we decided to walk around the shops and I tried on a ton of cute dresses, so we bought a few! I was Happy.

Tuesday we decided to take Dax down to the beach.He was perfect. We had him in his car seat under a HUGE umbrella.We we're only there a few hours.Wednesday the whole Family except Grandma Carpenter went to the Del Mar Race Track.She stayed behind and watched Dax,We we're happy she would and we could relive another "Moment from 2 years ago when we we're dating. We WON all the Races their was 8 total.I won some and John won some.We loved seeing the Horses come around the track and cheer them on to the finish. It was a HOT day but luckily it cooled down a bit. It was fun seeing the reaction of everyone around us as their horse placed or even won. The traffic leaving the Race Track was a mess but we finally made it to the freeway. That night we went for another walk with some of John's family and got Ice cream and shakes at Coldstone.Thursday we went to the beach again for a few hours but this time John and I both laid out. I couldn't lay on my stomach because of my incision and we both didn't reapply our sunscreen we got was so uncomfortable sleeping ahhh but that night we got some time to ourselves and got ice cream and walked down to the beach it was so nice especially at night very relaxing and romantic.

 Friday was a fun day we met up with my brother Joe,Tammy and Paulo they drove down and we ate at Cessy's and walked the mall..It was fun to just relax with them and see Paulo interact with Dax. Since it was our last night there we decided to go to the place that I told John I loved him 2 year ago, the Oceanside Pier.I was so excited! It meant a lot to me to go even though the pier was a little smelly from the fish.It was nice to reminisce and think of all that we have been through in the past 2 years. Saturday morning we packed up and headed to my brother Joe's to see them one more time

.Then we drove to Riverside.I showed John where I grew up, the schools I went too and Riverside in general.It was so weird but fun at the same time. lol. We then drove to Ashley's Baby Shower, one of my best friends was having it that day so the timing was great for us to be able to attend.They all loved seeing baby Dax and it was so nice to hang out and see them again. The weather was breezy and it was fun seeing Ashley all Pregnant. Weird but fun :)

 We then drove and saw my Mom and brought her Bakers.It was fun to see how happy she was to see us and meet her newest Grandson Dax.To see her interact and hold was great.We got her dinner and us Bakers on the way out it was SO good!!!! We then started our drive back home.We decided to drive through the night.It seemed like an eternity.

We finally pulled in at 6;30 am Sunday Morning, we we're so tired all we wanted to do was crawl into bed.It was a great first family  vacation and we both told each other we would never take a newborn on vacation again. Not that it was hard because it wasn't he slept the whole way in the car there and back was hardly fusy,it's just the principle of the matter. Can't wait for next year Dax will be running around and wanting to play in the Ocean that will be so fun! well until next year :)


  1. Awww....beautiful pics which hold beautiful memories of a new and beautiful little family...<3

  2. soo fun!! We are supposed to do Newport next Summer with Jeff's family when his parents are back from their mission in London! i CANT wait!!