Monday, August 13, 2012

Daxton 1 Month

Well I had no idea what to expect having Daxton, it has been the most rewarding fun sweet experience of my life.As a newborn the first few days we're good.He slept A lot. His first 2 weeks we're rough.He woke up every 2 hrs on the dot It took the toll on me.It was hard at first, I'll be the first to admit it.Eyes burning,migraines,irritable but pushing through the next few days it got a little easier. The first week all he did was eat sleep and The 2nd to 4th week Dax gradually started to change a little and it was fun to watch. It's funny to watch him sleep sometimes he'll startle himself and lift his hands up it's the cutest. When he is in his swing he'll glance at the TV although I know he can't see what is on it he see's shadows. He is the Loudest eater!! We call him Mr.Piggy.He grunts so loud and snorts a little.I will have to record this so you can see first hand. I know he's hungry by his "Food Cry'.He starts to cough and that's when I know I have a hungry baby on my hands.When I have to burp him he cries and gets so mad because all he wants to do is eat.Sometimes it takes 5 minutes to burp him,which can be challenging especially if he doesn't burp at all during his feeding he'll get the hiccups for a while sometimes hours and gets so mad. I feel bad but they eventually go away.

                        Dax Loves
                       -Lifting his head up
                       -Fascinated by ceiling fans
                       -Looking around
                       -Cuddle Bug
                       -Coo's at any given moment

     He loves lifting his head up all the time. Whether we are holding him or when we burp him he always lifts his head! The 2nd week he started sleeping a little longer.2 1/2 to 3 hrs. 3 weeks to 4 weeks he started sleeping 3 to 4 hrs.But someday it's consistent others it's not.He LOVES looking around and UP. At celing fans anything and everything. He is very alert and cuddly.!!! He loves to snuggle all the time and LOVES being held. He holds are hands and loves holding his binkie. He sometimes smiles in his sleep it is so cute! He coo's all the time, when sleeping, hanging out eating.He loves to stare. When we are feeding him he will literally stare at you forever. It's been a fast first month with being in the hospital to our 11 day vaca it sure came up fast.It's crazy how much they change from a newborn to a month old. At Dax's 2 week appt he grew 2 inches. From 19" to 21".His legs and arms are so long, like his daddy's! He is also so good in the car wherever we go it doesn't matter how long he's an angel.He loves Music as well!!!  I'm anxious to see his new developments at his 2 month appt. We are savoring every moment with him.It has changed us so much and we are so grateful he came to our eternal family. I think about when we found out we we're pregnant and how scared I was to now and I know that he came at the right time and that he is the biggest blessing in our lives. I am anxious to see how he changes over the next few months physically and his personality. He is the light in my life and makes me be a better person,Mom,Wife everyday. Their is something special about a Mom and the bond with their son. I know this is just the beginning. I am loving every minute.


  1. This is awesome Patti!!! Love all of the pictures. You will cherish this writing and the future blogging for years to come!!! xoxox :) Momma Carp

  2. Aren't babies just such amazing little miracles? It's so amazing to me how much they grow and learn in such a small amount of time! Sometimes it seems like they learn things over night. Daxton is SUCH a cutie, and I'm so excited for you guys to get back to church so I can meet him!! :)