Monday, September 17, 2012

Daxton 2 Months

Dax is now 2 Months old. Time is going so fast and it makes me so sad,I just wanted him to stay a Newborn for forever but we all know that it doesn't work that way. Wishful thinking I guess on my part. Dax doesn't look anything like his new born pictures either. It is crazy how fast their looks change. He makes me more happy each day. At 6 week we decided to "try" putting him in his crib. We we're apprehensive because he had either slept with us or in his pack n play. We also decided to feed him 4 oz instead of 3 oz & what a difference that made. He is now sleeping 4 to 5 hrs a night give or take & he loves his crib. His mobile is Safari Animals with sports it's so cute when we turn his mobile on the cute music plays and he gets so excited he smiles and kicks , it is so fun to watch. We call them his "Buddies" So the Crib was a success and we are so glad we decided to start him in his crib when we did. Now at 2 Months he is now taking 6 oz of formula and sometimes wants more. His nickname is Mr.Piggy not only because he's hungry often he snorts and whines like a piggy it's adorable. 



Dax finally went to Church on September 2nd he was 5 days shy of being 2 Months old. I tried going 2 weeks prior but the night before was a nightmare he was up all night crying and wouldn't go to sleep till an hour or 2 before church started which made me get no sleep, have a migraine and burning eyes. So that is when we decided to give him more formula and it worked because he slept more which made the following Sunday his first Sunday at Church.It was fun getting ready as a family taking pictures before and showing him off at Church.It had been 2 Months since I had been to Church so I was extremely excited. It was Fast Sunday so John got up and bore his testimony and it was so sweet. Sunday School Dax got fussy so John took care of him and rocked him. In Relief Society I held him the whole time and he was good till about the last half hour and I just started feeding him. It was really neat because the Relief Society President came up to me and said, I know Dad's love their children but your Husband and Son have an amazing bond and John is so attentive it is so fun to watch.Well that made my day and I couldn't wait to tell John. After Church John always watched Golf and he decided to put Dax in front of the TV with his Boppy it was pretty cute. So glad we survived the First Church Experience.


We went to Our First Wedding as a Family,it was  John's Sister's Michelle's Wedding it was so fun and laid back.I loved seeing Michelle so happy and radiant a beautiful bride she was. We hung out with family and friends and enjoyed the day and night together as a family. John's niece sung our Wedding Song "Blessed the Broken Road that was sweet and fun to reminisce my Wedding Reception and First Dance. Dax was loved by everyone there and it was a nice way to end our Summer. 

Next was Daxton's 2 Month Check Up.I was nervous for his shot's but surprisingly I didn't cry.When we we're waiting we played and kissed Dax and John was telling him to be a big boy and that everything would be ok. So he had 1 shot on his right leg and 3 in 1 on his left.He screamed initially but as soon as it was over John picked him up and he was fine. We met with the DR and she said that Dax is healthy and to keep doing what we're doing.She asked us if he is smiling,cooing,grabbing things,has different cries for different needs, aware of our presence and voice and lifts and turns head when lying on his stomach.He weights 10 pds 12 oz 22 in. long so he's practically 11 pds. He got cute Elmo band aids but they fell off within hours after.We massaged his legs for 2 to 4 days after because they we're all knotted up from the shots, we felt so bad because we knew he was in so much pain. That night he was getting extremely fussy we called our pediatrician to make sure it was ok and we oth run in there and he's perfectly fine. got Pedicare and gave him some of that Cherry flavor and he loved it!! He took it and guess what..was OUT for the rest of the night from 9:30pm to 6:30am.We weren't sure if he'd wake up through the night or not and 6:30 rolls around and John wakes me up and says hey have you fed Dax yet? I said NO oh my gosh he's been asleep this whole time we we're nervous so we both ran in there and checked on him and he was perfectly fine.

 Dax seriously is the Apple in our eye.He makes us more happy each day.The few things that he has done this past month that stick out in my mind are SMILING and grabbing my hair,his bink and his hands.He loves eating his hands and making fists and stretching and pretending like he's boxing it's so funny.We know it is just the beginning and can't believe how fast time is passing already.He still hates the bath but will hopefully get used to it soon. I love waking up with him each morning and having the nightly feedings.I am blessed to be a stay at home Mom and I can honestly say nothing is better.I enjoy every minute with Dax even if he's crying, I have a migraine, the house is a mess,i'm in sweats and have no make up on.All that matters is that he's loved,I'm meeting his needs and making the most of our days. I love when John has days off he will take full reign.It is so fun to see Dax and John together,it truly melts my heart. Dax still fits in his newborn clothes they are a little tight,he fits in 0 to 3 months and lately i've had him in sweats,hoodie and socks it's fun to get him all bundled up. Love Dax and everything he has brought into our lives the past 2 months.Definitely the best 2 Months of our lives so far. 




  1. so glad everything is going so well with Dax! I can't wait to see him in a couple of months! :D