Monday, October 15, 2012

Daxton 3 Months

 Daxton is now 3 months old and growing and changing so much.We fall more in love with him each day.He is the light of our lives.This month was dax's last time taking a bath in the sink with his foam bath mat.We bought him a big boy bath that he can grow into until he's 2. I thought by now Dax would like taking a bath but he still despises it. As soon as we put him in he screams and cries uncontrollably and we feel so bad.I started to sing to him and that seems to calm him down so I'll keep singing. Ax has been sleeping in his crib since he was 6 weeks old and loves it.As soon as I turn on his mobile he smiles and coos and kicks his legs.It's the cutest thing ever.He takes naps in his crib too which is nice so I can get stuff done around the house.He now sleeps from 11pm to 6am and takes a morning nap and sometimes an afternoon nap.If he sleeps all day I try and wake him up so that way he will sleep through the night. Dax is cooing all the time. He is so animated and smiling all the time.It is so fun to see h still loves his bink it always soothes him and keeps him calm especially when we're at church or driving somewhere. For the most part he has a very mellow demeanor and is always smiling and happy.He really only gets fussy when he's really hungry or needs to be changed, but what baby isn't that way? He is still Mr.Piggy.He is so loud when he eats.He snorts and gets so mad if we take his bottle out for even 1 second to wipe his mouth, it's so funny. He really loves eating.Dax eats every 3 hrs or 5 hrs depending on his mood.He is getting better about not being so fussy when we change his diaper.Sometimes he cries sometimes he doesn't depending on his mood.Dax hasn't quite laughed yet but he will sooner or later.He coos and smiles and squeals it's so cute and sweet.When he gets really excited he'll kick,smile,and move his arms all around.We are still waiting for his eyes to change color.Right now they are dark blue but I know they have 9 months to a year to change and stay per meant so we will see.He loves eating his hands.He drools all the time and sucks so loud it's hilarious John wants him to roll over so bad, I am in no hurry.I want him to stay a baby forever but I know in the blink of an eye he will be walking and I'll think where did the time go. On Sunday October 7th when he turned 3 months old we decided to read to him.His first book John read to him was The Three Bears.John was very animated and Dax loved it. He is such a cuddle bug.He loves being held and falls asleep easily whenever we're cuddling. Dax is the apple of our eye and we couldn't imagine life without him
                                                 -Big boy Bathtub
                                                 -Smiling all the time
                                                  -Smiles and kicks in his crib




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