Saturday, October 6, 2012

Playdates & a Photoshoot September 2012

Daxton had his first playdates this Month. We went to the Park for the first time around 2 1/2 Months old.He didn't really know what was going on which is to be expected especially at his age but he liked being outside in the breeze and taking it all in. He played/hung out with Sam who is 2 weeks older than him and Emmitt who is 3! Brandy and I talked and got to know each other.Our husbands work together at the Prison so we had plenty to talk about and loved getting together.I am sure Dax will have plenty more park play dates but I can't wait till he can be a Big Boy and actually enjoy the park and we can take him down the slides. We put Dax and Sammy side by side and they just cooed and looked at each other it was very cute. It was a very fun "first play-date". 

Our next play date was at the Mall in Sandy.I met up with Tara, she is an old friend from Vegas. She has a 5 Month old named Ryker and it was fun to see Dax and Ryker interact and just look at each other. We had fun walking around, catching up ,shopping, and getting Orange Julius. We talked about our families. our dating lives. Marriages, friends and it was nice to catch up. Ryker is so cute and such a big boy. He looks like a little man. 

 I was blessed and fortunate enough to have another friend from Vegas Carly give Dax a FREE yes I said FREE photo shoot. She needed practice on Newborns and I asked her and she said of course. I am actually glad we didn't do Newborns when he was a week old.I looked at these that she took at 2 1/2 months and fell in love. Ax did amazing! He was very photogenic, fell asleep for some which was a nice contrast and some serious faces as well. It was fun to see her take pictures of him and some of us together which I wasn't expecting, a very nice surprise. I can't wait to show Dax these when he is older and maybe to his First Girlfriend or better yet FiancĂ© All in which I don't even want to think that far ahead. So Dax is going to be her Model baby and she is going to practice on him! I am so excited. It definitely has been a fun month and I look forward to all the fun exciting stuff ahead. I actually like this age because they are alert, photogenic and don't just sleep in every photo. I can't wait to do family pictures when Dax is walking and compare photos. 




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