Saturday, November 10, 2012

Daxton 4 Months

 Well Dax is now 4 Month's old and growing like crazy. Time is going so fast and he is getting bigger and bigger each day,In the past month a lot has happened. He is liking tummy time more and more.Instead of 1 to 2 minutes he know does tummy time 3 to 4 minutes and doesn't complain too much.He looks up at me and smiles and loves looking at his little animals on his play mat.He recognizes who John and I are and always cries when we leave the room.He laughs smiles and squeals to others and himself. He reaches for his toys on his play mat which we call Mr. Elephant and Monkey.He rolls from side to side and hasn't quite rolled over yet.He gets so close and then decides to give up and stop it's quite cute.He eats every 3 to 4 hrs depending on how hungry he is. He drinks about 6 oz and is such a little piggy.As soon as we take the bottle away he squeals like crazy it's hilarious. He still hates the bath although he is getting a little better. He always screams when we first put him in the bath but after a few minutes he is okay depending on the day.But lately he has been taking shower's with Daddy and loves it.He loves when the water splashes in his face and it's fun to have Dax and Daddy bonding time. Dax usually sleeps from 10pm to 6am or 11pm to 8am it varies.If he goes to bed eariler like 8:30 he'll wake up at 3am or 4 so I try to keep him up for as long as possible so that I wake up at a reasonable time. He always takes a morning and a afternoon nap.around 10am and 3pm for about 30 to 45 minutes.It is nice so I take advantage and try to get as much as I can do in that time frame. He loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,Dora,Max and Ruby,Little Einsteins. He is very fascinated and squeals and kicks.He loves his swing he often falls asleep in it too. I talk to him all day everyday.I tell him what we're going to do for the day and so on. He is quite the cuddle bug.He always cries when he wakes up from a nap or in the morning when he is first waking up.Sometimes he'll just stare at his mobile, I'll come in there turn it on and he gets so excited! He will kick and squeal and laugh. He tries to hod his bottle but that only lasts a few seconds.He still loves his bink and will only take his Baseball Nuk Kind. It is very soothing for him and he can't go anywhere without it. Dax had a few crazy weeks.He has blood in his stool for a few days and it went away then came back so we decided to take him to the DR. They assumed that it was from the Costco Formula. Although he had been on that formula for quite sometime so hard to know for sure. They told me to put him on Enfamil Nutramegin it is a hypoallergenic kind and helps with the digestive system. The DR said some babies have a hard time digesting. So I went home with samples from our office and tried it out.First off it smelt the point where I wanted to throw up. He hated it to say the least. He tried for a week and kept spitting up not just a little it was a lot and then after he would spit up the formula he would spit up clear liquid as well. And on top of that he would scream when he spit up.So he was not having the best time adjusting. I decided to call the DR and they suggested a different formula Similac and a medicine for his spitting up they thought could be acid reflux.I thought okay we will give this a try and it did not help one bit.He spit up even more and hated the medicine. so after a few weeks of changing formulas, DR visits John and I decided to put him back on the Costco formula just to see what would happen.He did great and there was no bloody poop.So needless to say I am sure that his weight suffered a tiny bit because of the problem he had. Dax's 4 Month appt went great.The first thing the Nurse did was measure his head and boy is it HUGE!!!! 50% percentile no wonder I needed a C Section it seriously gets bigger at each appt.Next we laid him on the table and the first vaccine was Oral and it was sour.The Nurse said he will either hate it or love it.Well Dax loved it! He sucked that down so fast it was so cute. The Nurse said well he is going to want a lot of Halloween candy next year.The shots weren't too bad. He had 2 in each thigh and got a Ernie and Elmo band aid. Dr Cox came in after and talked to us. He asked generic questions about Dax's development and he is right on track He told us that we can start him on rice cereal once a day so we we're super excited about that. We we're preparing ourselves for a long day.Last time he had his 2 month shots he cried all day and night. He did amazing after we left he slept while we ran errands and wasn't too fussy. He slept amazing and didn't need any pedicure. I have to say he is drooling like crazy. His favorite thing to do right now is put his hands in his mouth and drool everywhere. He loves being held and loves to cuddle. We love it.We love taking naps and seeing him grow and change more and more everyday. We are excited for the next few months, hopefully he will decide to roll over and just do it already. We are so thankful for all the fun sweet moments he has brought into our lives the past 4 months. He truly is the sweetest cutest little man ever.

                                             -Rolls Over
                                             -Tummy Time





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