Saturday, November 3, 2012

Daxton's Blessing Day October 2012

We Blessed Daxton on October 14th,2012. We decided to only have immediate family come and it was a joyous occasion. I was so excited to buy Daxton's blessing outfit. I found him a cute white tux.It fit perfectly and he looked adorable. I actually everywhere and I finally found the one I wanted at a store called dressed in white in Orem next to the Distribution center and Desert.  We we're so excited and so happy for Daxton's special day. We we're fortunate enough to have both of our immediate families with us.In the circle we had both our dad's and all our brothers except for a few. We woke up that morning and we're so excited and got Daxton all ready. I told myself that I wouldn't cry but I did.I was so overcome by the spirit and it felt so good to hear John give Daxton a wonderful special sweet blessing that was just for Dax.It was fast and testimony meeting since the week before was General Conference and John had asked me if I was planning on bearing my testimony and I said it is not something you plan it's something that if you feel the spirit you go ahead and share your testimony. So after my brother Richard, My Dad and John bore theirs I felt a little obligated but nonetheless wanted to go up so I did and it I was so glad I did and John's Mom did as well. We all came back to our house after Sacrament and had a lunch get together here.We bought pulled pork from Costco, rolls and a yummy sheet cake. Everyone brought something and everyone had a great time. It was so fun to have our families together and celebrate Daxton's Blessing. It made me so thankful that John and I we're married in the Temple for Time and al Eternity and that Daxton was born under the covenant. After everyone left me and some of my siblings drove up to Sandy and visited our grandparents that was fun for them to see Paulo and Dax and just enjoy their prescence.When Daxton and I got home I decided to put his blessing tux on again and take a few more pictures, why not right? It was fun seeing him in all white. It made me happy and made me think of the Temple and how White is Sacred and Holy and Pure. These little special moments go so fast you have to take it all in slowly but all in all we enjoyed the day. Here are some pictures from his special day. I even took some later that night because I couldn't resist how could he looked in his all white little blessing suit.



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