Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Daxton's First Halloween 2012

October 31st 2012
Halloween was so much fun. We we're most excited to dress Dax up of course. Luckily we decided to get his Halloween costume a month prior so we could have more of a selection. We went Target and found a Skeleton and a Tiger. We decided on the Tiger.It was cute and I think more Dax's style. We decided to buy our Halloween candy a few weeks before just so we had a good selection and could eat some of the candy ourselves and we sure did.We drove around the day before Halloween looking for a Pumpkin Patch didn't really see any we liked so we decided to just go to Smith's it's a grocery store and pick out our pumpkins there. It was fun. John picked out a Big Pumpkin because he's Big and Tall and Daddy.I picked out a medium size one because I'm Mommy and we got Dax a baby size one. Halloween morning was fun and exciting. We got Dax in his Tiger Costume and took some pictures of him and couldn't stop kissing and loving on him.We drove up to City Creek it is in Salt Lake and it is an outdoor mall and it is beautiful.It has nice upscale shops, fine dining and a food court and it's all open.clean and classy. We walked in a few stores and window shopped, surprisingly Dax stayed asleep the entire time.By the time we left it was around lunchtime and John had asked me where I wanted to eat at and I said In N Out sounds good so we went there and got our food to go.We came home ate our food watched some TV and John started carving our Pumpkins. He decided to just do something easy and he did Jack o later en faces. I started to clean out all the goo of my pumpkin and was disgusted.It was a lot messier that I thought and my hands we're super sticky so I asked John if he would finish cleaning it and of course he said yes. After we we're done we got all ready and left for the night.We went to his friend's from work a couple that works together at the Prison and they fell in love with Dax it was cute.We left there and went to his Sister Michelle's trunk or treat that was fun.We ate candy hung out and showed off Dax the Tiger. We left there and went back to Michelle's and hung out talked laughed and took pictures. We decided to go home after that since we still needed to make dinner.I was excited to get home start our Halloween Night as a family and pass out candy to the trick or treaters.Well when we pulled into our neighborhood there wasn't a single kid trick or treating.I thought it's dark out and only 7:30 where could all the kids be? I started dinner and John left and went to go pick up a few things at the store.We made tacos and I made Homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.They we're so good. They we're soft chewy and ooey gooey. We watched Hocus Pocus I know it's not a scary movie but it's my favorite and a total classic. A few trick or treaters came by and we went to our neighbors to say Hi and have Dax trick or treat. All in all it was a fun memorable Halloween as a family.I can't wait for next year, and will be able to walk and will be more lively. Until next year Happy Halloween.


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