Friday, December 7, 2012

Daxton 5 Months

I can't believe Dax is 5 Months old today. He is getting bigger and bigger each day. It has been quite an exciting month. He started eating Rice Cereal at 4 Months. It was quite interesting. We sat him in his bumbo put him in a bib and got a baby spoon and a baby bowl and attempted to feed him Rice Cereal. First of all he HATES the bumbo. He didn't like the Rice Cereal at all. We got some cute pictures though. He mostly spit up the Rice Cereal so we decided to put it in his bottle with his formula and he was just fine. He still hates the bath and I think it's because he isn't fully emerged with water. Only because I am holding him up with one hand and bathing washing him with the other and the water isn't super full in his little bath. Regardless he LOVES taking showers with his Daddy.He cuddles and puts his head right underneath Johns armpit. His hair is wavy and a little curly when it's wet and then it dries completely straight but has a little wave to it and swoops to one side all on it's own. He loves watching Dora, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Never land Pirates, ax and Ruby, He loves to kick and squeal, laugh when he is in his swing watching his shows. It is so cute to watch and observe him.He has such a fun endearing personality. He is so animated and full of life. He FINALLY decided to roll over. At 4 1/2 Months old.We had just finished watching TV and John was going to get ready for work. Well Dax was on his Playmat and he started to roll and then actually did it. Luckily I had my phone ready and was recording it and was squealing with excitement. John was right by him.He rolled from his back to his stomach, then to his stomach to his back. We call him rollie pollie,monkey,honey bear and of course Mr Piggy. He steal snorts when he eats and is very loud when he eats as well. We bark at  him like a puppy and growl at him like a monster and he laughs and smiles and squeals. He loves playing Peek a Boo. He is very cuddly. We also call him our cuddle bear. He eats 5 to 6 times a day. 6 ounces and rice cereal once a day. John taught Dax to stick out his tongue. He loves to and we call him a Lizard. It is quite funny to see John and Dax interact with one another. Dax still takes naps all the time. Whether it's in the car or falling asleep in his swing. I make sure to keep him up at least till 10pm so he sleeps until 6 or 7 am which is nice for us. Dax still takes morning and afternoon naps. We call him Dax or Daxton and most of the time he looks over at us.It makes us so happy. He is definitely a Bink Baby. He loves loves his Nuk baseball bink. He loves his ele stuffed animal. He take it everywhere it is so cute to see him hold onto it and cuddle with it.He is a good boy at church. He either sleeps or is awake and animated. Only a few times has he cried only because he was teething. TEETHING ugh..has not been fun to say the least. Sometimes he will cry for hours on end. We cuddle him and give him teething medicine.  Dax loves looking at the Christmas Tree with all the pretty lights.He is teething like crazy and it has been a hard couple of weeks. He loves sucking on his fingers and sucking his bottle so hard it feels good on his gums. He loves his medicine for his gums as well.He sucks it down like it's candy.He looks more and more like John everyday, Which is cute.I love his dimples. I LOVE laughing with him.Sometimes I'll laugh and laugh and he will laugh back and we'll go back and forth.We are excited for the next few months.Next Month he is able to start eating baby foods we are so excited! Life is so fun exciting and enjoyable. Being a Mom is the most rewarding job I have ever had.When I am rocking him to sleep I always sing him the same 2 Primary Song's.These are the same 2 I have sung since he was a week old. I am a Child of God and a Child's Prayer. We have a picture of Christ in his Room and downstairs.We always show him who Jesus is and talk about him. Dax has made our life so much more fuller and exciting. We love you little man and can't wait for more fun memorable memories. Happy 5 Months Daxton.


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  1. Patti, I love reading your blog! Some much of it reminds me of Charlie. I can totally relate to everything you are writing it!