Saturday, December 22, 2012

Daxtons FIRST Thanksgiving 2012

We love Thanksgiving it always holds a special place in our heart because a year ago on Thanksgiving we told our families that we were expecting a Baby.We left Wednesday morning for St George.The drive was great Dax slept most of the way. We we're the first ones to get to Johns parents house.It was fun to hangout with them one on one.I love hanging out with them before any of the other siblings get there because it always gets hectic well not really compared to my family but you know what I mean.  Dax was such a good boy the whole way there.He slept and was so happy when we arrived. After we brought our bags in we decided to go hangout in the backyard by the pool. To my surprise John decided to stick Daxs feet in and he loved it! He didn't really make any reaction but it was cute at almost 5 Months old he experiences water fun! As the day progressed the rest of the Carpenter Family came.That night we had dinner hung out and relaxed the kids went swimming played with Ipads and had fun.The adults watched X factor and all sat around and talked.I was getting anxious for Thanksgiving because we we're planning on going down to my Family's house in Vegas for Thanksgiving. That morning we woke up got all ready and started looking at the Christmas Ads.Toni called me and said that some of them we're sick and they weren't going to celebrate Thanksgiving. I was sad and bummed out. I really wanted to see my Family but I knew we didn't want to get sick either. So we spent Thanksgiving with The Carpenter Family. We hung out with all the niece and nephews and siblings. Thanksgiving Dinner was delicious.We had the Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey, Ham, green bean casserole which I loved.Mashed potatoes, rolls,vegetable tray and much more. As we we're eating Grandma Carpenter went around to everyone and asked everyone individually what we we're thankful for.John and I decided to venture out to Black Friday or should I say black Thursday and we bought a few things.It was fun and surprisingly not to crazy. The next day we all hung out the kids Aunt Chelle Aunt Stacy and Grandma Carpenter went swimming with the kids and the Boys all went golfing. The golf course is the Carpenter Grandparents backyard so it was fun to see them on the golf carts and playing together.together. Dax and Josh loved playing together on the playmat. It was fun to see them playing together, That night we had Spaghetti for dinner and then we got all ready packed up the car and left for home. All in all it was a fun Thanksgiving. I appreciate being apart of an amazing Family especially being married into. Uou never know what you marry into I sure lucked out and I am excited to see the Frustaci Family next year. 


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