Sunday, March 11, 2012

First Date First I Love You and Engagement July 2011 and November 2011

Well I decided to start blogging. I can Honestly say I never thought I would but after seeing countless family and friends blogs. I thought it'd be a fun way to Journal Online. So here is an Update since John and I Met. John and I met on July 8th 2010, a hot beautiful Summer day .I remember thinking, why, he is handsome and tall.  The outlook we both had was that it is just another first date.  Little did we know this would be our Last First dates and that this first date would set us on a path that would last well past the sound of wedding bells.  John took me to Iggy's for Lunch and I'm sure he wondered why on earth I ordered Cheesecake in the middle of the afternoon instead of a meal. I told him I had already had lunch when in reality I had  already had a lunch date with another guy.  I had dated and dated and never found someone that caught my attention and could settle down with. So going on 2 dates in 1 day didn't phase me at all.  He found that out later on and wasn't too happy. We flirted and joked around ,talked about past relationships We left Iggys and guess what John grabbed my hand and I do not hold hands on first dates but for some reason I went with it. We drove around Orem and he showed me where he lived when he was a little boy. We parked the car and talked and I told him that I am trying to turn over a new leaf and not kiss on first dates and he said umm okay. Well we started kissing and I was like wow I have kissed a lot of guys but this is by far the best I have ever had. He told me that he was going to be gone for two weeks in Carlsbad at his family's beach house.  I said, and i quote, "well don't expect to wait around for you.  It's summer time and I want to have fun and keep my options open." John replied, well would you like to come down to Carlsbad with me?  You would think I was crazy wanting to turn down a Free Vacation to Carlsbad California. I was so nervous and scared. I was thinking what on earth, this guy doesn't even know me.  I almost ended it that day because he was just too nice and I thought it was too good to be true. We flirted and joked around, talked about past relationships. He told me that he going to be gone for two weeks in Carlsbad at his family's beach house.  I said, and i quote, "well don't expect to wait around for you.  It's summer time and I want to have fun ad keep my options open." John replied, well would you like to come down to Carlsbad with me?  You would be think I was I was crazy turning down a free vacation to Carlsbad. I was scared nervous and really apprenhsive.We weren't looking for anything serious and just wanted to have fun.  The next few days we spent a lot of time together from our picnic up Provo Canyon too meeting his parents for the first time, which I was a little apprehensive about.  By our third date, which was at Cheesecake Factory, is when I realized that I had really started to like John.  I knew that he wasn't like any of the other guys I dated before. We ended up going to church together that weekend and I had dinner with his parents.  I really liked his parents and felt really comfortable around them. Well, he called me that week and I told him that he I would come down to Carlsbad for the weekend.  He flew me down and by then I was excited and had no clue what to expect.  John thought I stood him up at the Airport but I was freshening up and trying to look pretty after the flight. I Guess I took longer than expected. During my flight I sat next to a nice couple from Logan. He was actually a stake president and a DR! It was a very fun and interesting conversation to say the least. I actually saw them at baggage claim and he introduced himself to John and said that he better take good care of me it was so cute. After we got my luggage we loaded it up in the car and well had our infamous "Airport Kiss". It was amazing! We still talk about it till this day and we have been married for 2 years. I was so incredibly nervous I was meeting his entire immediate family. They we're all warm and welcoming. We got settled in and we grabbed lunch at Cessys this amazing mom and pop Mexican restaurant. We ended up talking that night on the beach listening to the waves. It was so relaxing. We had a wonderful 4 days together. Going down to the beach, Horse Races, Dinners, walks along the boardwalk. We talked about getting married and the what If's. One of the nights we we're there my brother Joe and Tammy drove down  they had just done a session at the San Diego Temple. They met us at the Beach House they met Johns family and then we decided to go eat at Island a Yummy burger place. The conversation's were great and then we decided to go the movies and we saw Inception. It was so good. I remember asking Tammy in the bathroom what she thought of John and she loved him! She thought he was a good catch and Joe well Joe said that I better not screw this up. Ha ha. That night after they left I knew there was someone special between John and I. The day before I was flying home Johns Dad took us to the pier and we walked around. I looked at him and told him I knew I would fall in love with your family I just didn't know I would fall in love with you, The boldest thing I have ever said to a guy especially in that short time frame. John and his family came home a week later and I went with john to his nieces baby blessing and met the rest of his family. I remember Johns brother Jeff saying should I hug her should I get attached and get to know her? John said yes. It was always so easy to be around john's family. We dated from the end of july until the middle of September and that is when John moved down from Vernal . At that time it was hard for him because he had to find a job and he also had to move back home. I remember going over to his house and enjoy hanging out with his parents. We always had great Sunday dinners. Johns Dad is very sarcastic like me and his mom is very sweet and nurturing. John met my family in August at my massage school graduation. I remember my Mom saying when she saw him that is the man that Patti will marry. They all instantly liked him. There was no awkwardness it was all fun and easy going. I brought John down to Vegas to meet the rest of the family in September for Jordan's farwell. That was fun. We had a Farwell party for him as well and everyone from the ward and neighborhood came. Everyone was excited to meet John and wanted to know it it was serious. I was more than happy to show him off to everyone. I was very happy that Grandma Jean liked him. I knew whoever I'd end up marrying it would happen fast, I'd fall head over heels in love and I did.  We dated for 4 months and got engaged on Thanksgiving night.  I was completely shocked, I always told myself I'd never be one of those girls that gets engaged after a few months. Well I became the norm needless to say. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family and I suggested we go to the movies since that's what everyone in Vegas does on Thanksgiving. We saw Love and other drugs. When we left I noticed that john wasn't holding my hand like he normally would and it turns out the ring box was in his jacket pocket. We finished the movie and he grabbed my phone out of my purse and I told him I don't get service so I put it back. Then we decided to go get hot chocolate but realized since it was Thanksgiving everything was closed. Well we we're in the target parking lot and right then and there john Proposed! I was shocked speechless and couldn't believe it was really happening. We called our family but no one answered so we drove to the church and danced to our song in the parking lot. It may sound dumb but it was fun and we we're in the moment. I remember waking up the next morning, still in awe, with this ring on my finger I was able to go Wedding Dress shopping.  I was thinking I am finally the bride, I'm getting married. I tried on 10 wedding Dresses and the last one I tried on was IT.I was able to have Toni, Shelby and Grandma Jean. We went to David's Bridal and after we went to lunch at Chiptole it was fun. That night we met Johns parents for dinner at Olive Garden and it was fun to have our parents meet after our Proposal.  I had been one of those girls that had planned their wedding since I was 8 years old. Maybe that's why Father of the Bride was my favorite movie when I was little. I even was a bride for Halloween when i was 5 years old.