Sunday, May 13, 2012

Finding Out and 9 Months of Pregnancy November 2011

Finding out we we're pregnant

A month prior to me getting pregnant I had a Cyst and a UTI so it was a whirlwind needless to say and I was shocked for what followed next.I found out I was Pregnant on November 2nd,2011.i had been waiting for something to come all day and when it didn't I decided to take a Pregnancy test that night, I didn't want to at first.I wanted to wait a few days , but John insisted so i did. I left it on the bathroom counter and laid on the bed those few minutes waiting felt like an eternity. I made John check because and he says to me Hi Mommy and I'm like what you're joking you have to be.He says go see for yourself. I immediately started crying.I was scared happy anxious excited nervous any and all emotion you could possibly feel I was feeling at the very moment.We hugged and held each other and embraced the moment that was priceless. I remember logging on to baby to see when my due date would be and it said July 8th, 2012.For us that day is special because that was the day we met and had our first date at Iggy's 2 years prior July 8th, 2010. I remember thinking wanting to take several more pregnancies tests to confirm. I did that Friday i took 2 more and it was still positive, so I had to tell myself that this was really happening. We went to California that weekend for my Nephew  Paulo's Baby Blessing and ended up seeing both of our parent's. That was extremely hard not saying or hinting anything,we played it cool and it was our little secret for the next 9 weeks that followed. It was fun to keep it to ourselves for those first few months and just relish in it. We would talk to our baby and John would kiss my belly every night.

 Telling our Families
We both had a feeling that it would be a boy.We decided to tell our Families Thanksgiving Weekend.What a great time right? I was still extremely scared too because I was 9 weeks and still in the first trimester and anything could happen. We decided to tell John's family while we we're taking family pictures,what better way to document their reactions and priceless remarks. We decided to take a few extra  pictures and we had our Photographer Marshall my Sister in Law Michelle's fiance say Smile, John and Patti are having a baby. No one said anything he had to say it two more times and the the smiles,cheering screaming tears came. i was smiling from ear to ear and John had tears in his eyes,that's when I think they knew we weren't messing around. We decided to drive to Vegas the next morning a little under 2 hour drive to tell my Dad and Toni.They thought we we're crazy to drive all that way just to say "Hi". It took a while to drop the news since they we're at church by the time we got there. Finally they we're both sitting down and we had to down play how we we're going to tell them since they both had a feeling that I would be pregnant by Christmas time. Recently John was admitted in the hospital for severe stomach pain and throwing up.John basically said well the DR confirmed that Patti is pregnant. Toni immediately  said I knew it and my dad was so funny, he said well know your belly will be bigger than mine. As soon as we left we called my Mom and I said well Mom maybe you can play with our baby next thanksgiving like you did with Paulo.She said what? I said, Mom I'm Pregnant! She was So excited and Happy.She was on cloud 9. 

First Appointment 
We had our first Appointment on 12/5/2011.It felt like Christmas, I couldn't sleep the night before,I was anxious and so excited. We first met with our Dr in his office and he said well, it looks like your cyst turned into a baby, we both laughed. When we saw the ultrasound John and I we're So happy. Hearing the heartbeat for the first time was magical we were so overcome with joy. It was a moment that we will never forget.We couldn't stop looking at the Ultrasound, we kept it on our fridge and we're in awe.We had a feeling right then that it was going to be a boy..then starts the waiting game. We called my Grandma Jorgensen told her the good news and john went and bought Papa Murphys Pizza and Ice Cream. We couldn't wait any longer so we posted it on Facebook and texted the rest of our friends. It was so much fun finally letting the secret out!!!!!

First Trimester 
I hadn't shown any symptoms except for nausea for the first few weeks before finding out. Morning Sickness from 6 weeks to 11 weeks which was so miserable.I came to find out that I couldn't have any dairy.No milk,no Ice cream and no lemonade or my favorite orange juice because it gave me bad heartburn.So I had waffles every morning for about 2 months. i would literally sleep 13 hours on the weekends and it was amazing and at the same time annoying because i felt so restless and had NO energy at all.I was SO tired. I would sleep 13 hrs on the weekends. I refused to have any meat.No hamburgers,No Mexican food and my favorite no Spaghetti and meatballs.Poor John was so sick of my Salads and Fruits, but that is all I ever wanted and enjoyed.I was feeling pregnant having all these symptoms so i knew at the same time that it was  good thing.

2nd Trimester
I finally wanted meat again so after Christmas in Vegas we went to In N Out and John was so excited! So i was back to liking all foods except Ice cream was the only thing my body didn't like. Our second appointment was 1/6/2012 and hearing the heartbeat again was amazing.I was 13 weeks then at my Dr told me if I am lucky at our next appointment at 17 weeks we could possibly find out what we we're having, he called it a sneak peek.

on 1/31/2012 we found out we we're having a BOY!!!!!! He asked what we wanted we said Boy but ultimately we didn't care. It was so surreal.Seeing the penis confirmed it and we were smiling and just in awe.Our Dr Congratulated us and then started the phone calls to our Parents and siblings. We decided to go to Cheesecake Factory and celebrate.We got Cheesecake as well as dinner and our server was so nice and decorated our plate Congratulations its a BOY.

 Telling our families and friends was so much fun! i still remember how shocked my Mom and Brother Joe being, they we're set on me having a girl and we're totally convinced. Boy we're they wrong.Ha! 2/28\2012 was when we we're originally going to find out i was 21 weeks then thankfully we found out a month prior.
This was our Last appointment that we we're able to have an Ultrasound and to our surprise a DVD of daxton. It was so fun to see him moving his legs and arms and his BIG Carpenter ears :) low and behold they were FRUSTACI ears when Dax was Born.
3/9/2012- Fluttering
3/16/2012- Fluttering everyday
3/19- Wiggles little nudges & moves when he hears music
4/3-finally felt a KICK from Dax last night.It freaked me out more than anything.He sure is a strong little bean! I could seriously feel his feet and legs and it was like nothing I have ever experienced or felt before,well obviously. & love as soon as her hears Johns voice he goes into play mode
4/4/- Sleeping horribly 
4/13- Hiccups begin
4/19- Can no longer paint my toes
4/24- 29 weeks THIRD trimester .Glucose Test dax's heartbeat 140

Third trimester
Well My Pregnancy was going really good it seemed until the Third trimester approached.My back and ribs starting hurting immensely. I know a lot of it has to do with how tiny I am, and I have no torso. Wonder if he'll be BIG like everyone suspects. My appetite is slowly increasing although I still get full really fast.I drink water like it's going out of style and literally pee 3 times during the night.I'm almost 32 weeks so that leaves 8 weeks left.Hopefully it goes fast.I'm waiting for my belly to get HUGE we'll see.
4/1- Pre registered and Hospital Tour

I am hoping for Dax to come between 39 and 40 weeks.July 1st -8th.My due date is the 8th.I love hearing everyone's predictions. I can honestly say that it has gone by so fast.I think that keeping it a secret for over two months helped as well. I never really knew what to expect,how to feel and I can honestly say it's been fun minus the aches and pains.I have been extra Emotional and very needy with John. I am so fortunate to bring a child into this world and am so excited to meet him hold him kiss him love him and just be the best Mommy I can be. I remember the day after we found out that we we're having a Boy i cried on my way to work thinking of all the moments and milestones that will happen in his life. His baby blessing,his first steps,first word,first laugh,first smile,baptism,becoming a deacon and passing the sacrament, turning 16 driving,getting his eagle scout,Mission call, bringing his soon to be finance home, Wedding day.I am sure there are countless others but those come to mind. Dax you are a loved sweet spirit and I am so happy that heavenly father intrusted John and I to be your earthly parents.We love you more than you can ever comprehend. Thank you for joining the Carpenter Family.We love you little Buddy Monkey Dax Dax.

Officially Homeowners

Well this is definitely an exciting year for us. Having Baby Daxton join us in July 2012 and buying our first house in April 2012.Two big exciting milestones for the Carpenter Family, as they say timing really is everything. We have been searching for a Home since we got engaged. We wanted to buy instead of rent an apartment since you can save a lot more by owning your own home instead of renting. Needless to say we searched and searched and never found anything that we loved so we settled on a apartment in Orem while we continued to look. We have loved starting our life together there. We have made a lot of memories that will always remind us of our first place together. It was fun showing my friends and family our apartment and let them see how excited we were. Since then we have found a couple homes that were nice but we ended up backing out of them for various reasons.  It definitely has been an Up and Down roller coaster, the House Hunting Process that is. We searched for Houses and Town homes and wanted something that we could see ourselves starting our family in, as well as something that has that "this is Home" feeling. I can honestly say our Realtor Sheila was amazing throughout it all. Starting in December 2010 we began our journey with her. It started off as a business relationship but quickly turned into a life long friendship. We would like a House then come to find out it would have multiple offers, so we would have to start all over again. Well Around Thanksgiving 2011 we found a Town house that wasn't even on the market yet. We walked in and said this is "Home". It was a Short Sale so we knew going into it that it wasn't going to be an easy short process. A few months later the sellers accepted our offers and now it was off to the bank. They finally accepted our offer in early march and with all the paperwork and logistics we finally closed and signed our papers on April 19th,2012. It was very exciting and surreal all at the same time. We started painting right away and I attempted to help paint but it was to hard, being 6 months pregnant and all. Luckily my Father in law was generous enough to come up for 3 days and help John paint and do some handy work around the house.  It is definitely a change from an apartment to a house, we are so happy for this new exciting  milestone in our lives and of course to be able to bring baby Daxton home to his nursery. Our official moving day was kind of a nightmare. We had moved most of the small stuff and just needed to move our Furniture bedding and other things. We decided the night before to get a U Haul so that it would be easier to take it all over in 1 load instead of multiple loads and the commute is 30 minutes each way. So we called the night before to make sure that there was one available. The next morning we went and it was un available so we called and called and had no luck. I kept praying that something would come up and finally after calling countless Moving truck Companies we got one! I went over to the house and waited for Best Buy to deliver our fridge. In the process of them delivering and installing it, they scratched the whole side of the right door and bumped a couple of our walls. Luckily they replaced it for free being that it was their fault. I have been so fortunate to have Married into an amazing family, The Carpenters. All of John's siblings and spouses helped us move. Amy, my Sister in law,  was generous enough to bring her carpet cleaner and clean all of our carpets before anyone came and moved stuff in. She also hung out with me while we we're waiting on Best Buy and the Moving truck to come. We are slowly getting settled, unpacking and sorting out things, hanging up pictures and making our house a Home. We are so excited for the memories that we will make here and for our family and friends to come relax and have countless family get together, Birthdays and holidays to come.