Saturday, August 4, 2012

Daxtons Birth Story July 7th 2012

Well the ending of my Pregnancy was coming to a close and we we're both happy and sad.We we're shocked when we found out we we're pregnant and loved our first DR appt and seeing Daxton and getting our first ultrasound photo.It was a start to a new chapter and we couldn't of been happier.We both knew he was a BOY and had no doubts even thought majority of people family and friends thought we we're having a Girl.I would miss John kissing my belly every night,telling Daxton how much we love him.Eating foods that would make him move,love when he would have the hiccups or whenever john would talk to him he would move instantly.I also would miss the "Bond" or Connection that Daxton and I had between Mother and Son me carrying him this whole time was amazing.I never knew what it'd be like to be Pregnant and I can honestly say that I had an amazing Pregnancy.I gained 35 pds mostly belly and only swelled once or twice.I loved when he kicked hearing Dave Matthews or when I would eat Mexican food.From 38 weeks on I tried everything to get Daxton to come. I ate spicy foods,had my Membranes stripped TWICE weeks,went on walks around the mall a million times, as well as in the neighborhood. Between 37 and 39 week I was having son contractions and they we're close together so we went to the hospital a total of 4 times.They always send us home because I was dilating enough and my contractions would either stop as soon as I got there or wouldn't be close enough together. So my Dr appt I had 5 days before my due date the nurse called me back and she was so surprised that I hadn't had Daxton yet. My OB told me that I was getting bigger and that for the safety of Daxton and I he would plan on inducing me on my due date July 8th.So that was a relief.The rest of the week dragged on of course. We tried to keep ourselves busy. We went out to dinner,and desert, went out to the movies,went Mini golfing,watched movies,celebrated 4th of July. Friday July 6th we went and ran some errands.We also made dinner plans with some friends that night so that was something to look forward too.I started getting back pain so instead of walking the mall again for the millionth time we came home and I went upstairs to take a nap or so I thought.

I laid down for about 10 minutes and all of the sudden I heard a gush and a pop.I thought to myself I know I didn't pee.The sheets we're soaked and so John was downstairs I thought so instead of screaming and freaking him out I called him and said Um I think my water broke.He was upstairs in the office so he came in the bedroom right away. He looked and was like wow and I walked to the bathroom still gushing everywhere and thinking I was peeing but the fluid was clear we both came to the conclusion that my water had broke. Luckily we had our bags packed and in the Rouge for over 2 weeks now, so I changed into sweats and we we're on our way. We we're so excited and we we're relived because we knew it was real and that Daxton could come at any given time. I was whining on the way there telling John I won't stop gushing it's so disgusting. My water broke at 2;55pm and we we're at the hospital by 3;30. They all knew who we we're since we had come in several times prior. I said this is really it my water broke and walking in was so embarrassing. I was leaking out everywhere.They admitted us and made sure that it was my water that had broke and it had been. I wasn't having any contractions, I was in no pain so it was pretty nice. They moved us rooms and we began to wait.I was still dilated to a 3 1/2 so I had quite a while. We watched The Proposal,Transformers, and Pirates of the Caribbean, Dr Melendez the on call Dr came in and checked me and said whenever I want the epidural to let them know. I had asked if he could call my OB that was scheduled to come in the following morning at 7;30am to let him know my water had broke. John went and got dinner and I laid there thinking oh my gosh, is this really happening? He came back and we sat and talked and 9:45pm I was ready for my epidural I remember thinking okay I am in pain now I want the epidural NOW! John had let the nurse know and I waited almost 30 minutes and I kept asking John where is he? He finally came in and we got it done. It honestly wasn't that bad and John was proud for how well I handled it. So after that was done we watched more movies and decided to sleep. I felt like I was paralyzed.I was SO numb from the epidural I hated feeling that way. They would check on me every 2 hrs and I would dilate 2cm every 2 hrs so it was just a matter of time. Well 4am comes and in walks in My Dad and Toni, they surprised me! I was excited and caught off guard.

 By 5am I was finally dilated to a 10 and in walks in my OB.He was tired he had come in 2 hrs before his shift we felt bad. He said well hey guys how exciting your water broke.He said okay I want you to start pushing I'll check on you every so often. It was so weird because I couldn't feel anything so it was like I was really pushing or so I thought. An hour had passed and I had made some progression but not enough so we kept pushing. I was no longer progressing.We could see Daxton's head in my birth canal but he wasn't moving past my pelvic bone.My OB told me to keep pushing he had to go do a C Section and he would be back. He told me honestly consider a C Section and I was not for that at all. I was determined to have him Vaginally. Well he came back and said Patti you have been pushing for 3 hours most don't push that long.He is not going to come so we are going to have to do a C Section. John and my Dad convinced me it was okay and that their is no wrong way to have a baby.I was SO sad disappointed and felt like a failure. John,My Dad,Toni, Nurse Paige and Dr Ollerton told me how great I did and that it's not my fault.his head was huge and needed to get out.We didn't want anything bad to happen to Daxton and obviously there is no wrong way to have a baby. John got suited up and they took me to the Operating Room. I was so scared and I still wanted to push, yes I am stubborn, The Operating Room was cold and I was feeling incredibly nauseated. I remember my OB saying, Patti your as pretty on the inside and you are on the outside. I said thank you and laughed. Before I knew it Daxton was out and screaming, I looked over and John was with him and all the nurses. They said he's 7pds 4 oz and 19 in long. I was like wow that is my Baby. John brought him over to me and it was the most surreal thing ever. I remember thinking your finally here and I wanted to freeze that moment forever. John and Daxton left and they finished my surgery, I woke up 2 hrs later thinking where is my baby? John had given him his first bath and bonded which was nice. I held him and took in everything.I was so happy.I no longer cared at that moment that I had to have a C Section.

We we're now moved into our Post Par tum room.I was feeling great,walking around and loving my new family. I was starving so I ate and we relaxed. We had some family visitors it was so fun to see every one's reactions to baby Dax. Sunday came Toni and my Dad had stopped by one more time before leaving along with countless family and friends. Johns Parent's came later that day.That night I was balling my eyes out because I was in so much pain from my incision It was a long night, Monday came we had more visitors and we we're excited to be able to leave Tuesday Morning.Well things never go the way you want them too right? The Nurse came in around 2am and checked my vitals. My blood pressure was 157 and she was like that is extremely high so she checked my other arm to make sure.Same thing. So the on call DR came in and explained I might have preclampsia which usually happens during pregnancy not after.But in some cases after.I started getting a fever and was sweating.I told him well, we are suppose to go home tomorrow he said well sorry that is not happening. I then began to breakdown and cry, I didn't want to stay in the hospital any longer.They had to put another IV in and a catheter in which was very uncomfortable.We called our Parents and let them know what was going on. John's parents we're staying at our house so they came down and John and my Father in Law we're able to give me a blessing.I was very grateful and put at ease. So my blood pressure wasn't dropping so they had to put me on something called magnesium. I was dizzy,sweating,nauseated,the room was spinning. It was the worst feeling I have ever experienced. It was like I was going through with drawls of some sort.I couldn't think straight, I couldn't gather my words and was just mumbling to John. Finally 5 hrs later my OB came in and said that my Blood Pressure came down and I was able to get off it.The rest of the day I slept and took it as easy as I could. Wednesday came and we we're finally discharged.We we're SO happy. Total we we're there 6 days.

It was so weird putting Daxton in his car seat and putting him in our car.When we drove off we thought we have a baby with us. We got home and my In laws graciosuly had gone grocery shopping and had made plenty of dinners for us. They stayed one more day and left the following morning.I was feeling good and happy to be home. The first night was different having Daxton with us, we we're so happy and couldn't believe he was actually here in our home. Thursday I was feeling hot all day,I had been wearing ice packs and I kept telling John how hot I was. He thought it was my hormones.I didn't know so I thought the same.Well the afternoon came and I took my temp because I wasn't feeling well. It was 101 so I called my OB office and they said if it stays the same come in tomorrow morning. Well 10 minutes later they callback and tell me to come in right away.The Dr told me that I may have an infection because a fever is the first sign of an infection,he told me to keep taking my antibiotics and if it didn't go down by tomorrow to come back in. Well the next day it went down although I still had cold packs on me.I ended up throwing up that night.Saturday and Sunday i was fine and Monday we went to my OB to have a follow up appt since so much happened at the hospital. Well they took my temp it was 102 and I sat there thinking what? I feel fine. He told me I really recommend you going back to the hospital and getting admitted. I didn't want to at all and John convinced me otherwise. So that is what we did. I was SO upset.I started crying and cried the whole way there.John left after I was admitted and took Dax to the Dr.I was so sad I couldn't be there. The Nurses tried 4 times taking my IV.By the 4th time I was crying and in so much pain. I have really hard veins but never had someone have that much trouble. My OB came a few hours later and said that he will not release me until my fever breaks and has been broken for at least 24 hrs. I said okay I guess that's the best thing.So John came back and we ate dinner and watched the Bachelorette lol. He left after and took Dax home.Less than an hour later he calls and says my Mom is on her way to watch Dax, I am coming to stay with you.I was so happy. My fever went down at 11pm so I was able to go home Tuesday at 11pm.I ended up having a infection in my uterus.

I am okay now.Needless to say that is NOT what I had expected in any way shape or form.I saw my OB this week and he said well I am glad your alive .He couldn't believe how big Dax has gotten. I am grateful for this experience because it taught me many things.It taught me to rely on my Heavenly Father for guidance and comfort. It taught me to rely on my Husband.He had cooked,cleaned and taken care of Daxton the 4 days we we're home before going back to the hospital again. It taught me to rely on the Doctors,Nurses for they knew what was best and for the love of our families for their prayers,thoughts and kind acts of kindness helping out with Daxton. People ask me well, are you sure you want more children after going through that? I say, of course. Having Daxton is the biggest blessing in my life.He has made me see things in such a different perspective. I love being his Mother and love watching him grow. I know that everything happens for a reason, and their is always a lesson to be learned from each experience you endure.