Friday, October 11, 2013

15 Month Check Up October 2013

Dax had his 15 month Check Up today. We got there a little early so we had to wait a bit. But he looked at the fish tank and waved and babbled with the other kids that we're waiting as well. We have had the same DR since the last 3 check ups. So that is fun to built a repore with him. We love Dr Cox. The Nurse came in and she weighed him and measured his length and head circumference. He is 22pds (30th percentile) 29 1/2 inches (4th Percentile) and 48.2 head circumference. Dr Cox said that Dax is progressing amazingly. He says Hi, Momma, Dada, Bye, Dog (Da), Uh Oh. He points to anything and everything. His favorite thing is still Lights and Ceiling Fans and DOGS!!! he loves them. Hence one of his words he said after Momma and Dada. He loves playing with them. He laughs and just relishes in their presence. Dr Cox said that the average age a toddler begins to walk is 13 months. Yes Dax is 15 months and not full on walking Yet he has been taking steps since 13 months. Dax is healthy happy and such a joy to be around. He has 7 teeth, 4 on the top and 3 on the bottom. His next check up is 18 months hoping he will be Full on Walking well see I won't hold my breath haha we are enjoying him and letting him take his sweet time. He will walk when he is ready. I just wish people would stop asking us about it.!!!!! Here our some cute pictures I took


Friday, September 13, 2013

First Time at the Library September 2013

Well I have been wanting to take Dax to the Library and I kept putting it off and finally today decided to go. It was only 5 minutes from our house and it is BEAUTIFUL.  We had the ENTIRE Kids area to ourselves.. He kept taking the book and throwing it at me. Every time I would laugh. It was quite entertaining. I let him play around for a while on the floor and with some toys and he had the ENTIRE play area to himself. I was actually surprised there we're no other kids playing around in there. It made it nice we could have quality bonding time with no interruptions. I picked a book and showed it to him. He actually sat there patiently as I tried yes tried reading to him but he wasn't having that so I decided to let him take the book and play with it or look at the pictures. He looked at the pictures and then started being funny and throwing the book back at me. It was very funny and Dax was thoroughly amused. Dax has the BEST expressions. He is so funny and sweet. I couldn't of asked for a better First Child.We played around a little bit more and decided to browse the Library. We went upstairs and looked at the videos. It was HUGE. We walked around and looked at everything. Dax would point to things like the LIGHT he loves lights. Every where we go when he sees lights he points and gets excited. We decided to go upstairs to look at the videos and he wanted to push the button for the elevator. He loved it. When we got upstairs there was a Young Mom and her Baby Boy who was 5 months old. Dax kept trying to get in his car seat, it was cute. We decided to go home a. It was very fun and relaxing. I am excited as Dax gets older to take him there more often for Story time, Play groups and have him interact. He is such a happy sweet loving baby. I couldn't be more proud to be his Momma. I love spending these sweet moments with him. The next thing I know he will be all grown up, He will forever be my Baby. The next time we were with friends and had story time and they made a craft and had a treat. It was a lot of fun


Monday, September 2, 2013

Wedding Day Best Day of Our Lives

On June 11,2011 our lives changed forever. We we're sealed in the Las Vegas Temple for time and all eternity in front of several family and close friends. I drove to the Temple that morning with my dad thinking, today is the day, I am getting married. I had looked forward to this day since I was 8 years old and it was finally happening.The weather was perfect it was sunny with a little breeze. When I saw John for the first time after we we're sealed and getting ready to walk out the Temple doors he was in his Tux and I was in my Wedding Dress, I thought wow that's my Husband! So weird calling him that for a while but eventually we got use to it as everyone does. I will never forget that moment that John saw me for the first time in my Wedding Dress, the look and what we shared was so sweet and unforgettable. When we came out of the temple hand in hand as husband and wife: Mr and Mrs. Carpenter, it felt amazing. All of our family and friends we're cheering for us and celebrating our special day. We had a Family Luncheon after and it was fun seeing all of our family and thanking them for coming and helping us celebrate. We drove to Treasure Island to check in to our Hotel early and it was so crowded we weren't able to check in early so we left and drove to our Reception. I still had not seen what the reception looked like, it was  a surprise and it was fun that way, it made the moment unforgettable when I walked in and saw it for the first time. I started crying because i was so happy and so grateful for every one's hard work. It was truly my dream wedding. The reception was traditional in some aspects. We had a Wedding Line with our parents, we had the traditional dances. Daddy daughter, Mother son, First and Last dance as husband and wife. We had dancing and everyone had a really good time. Some of my friends said this was the funnest Mormon Reception they have been too, that made me laugh. The food was so delicious, we had a summer themed menu. Chicken croissant sandwiches, different types of salads, fruit and vegetable trays, lemonade jars. We had several people come up and tell us that our Wedding Cake was one of the best that have ever had. It was 3 tiered cake that had vanilla in one, chocolate marble in the other and the one we ate and cut for the cake cutting was Red Velvet. What I wasn't expecting was while we we're feeding each other the cake John throwing it in my face. I was shocked but I laughed it off and I got even. I then threw it in his face and it got everywhere all over his face, ears and hair. We we're laughing and enjoying this priceless moment. We left the Reception and were off to Treasure Island, of course our Rouge was covered in writing, straws and other things. It was cute not trashed or anything.























    We decided to stay in Vegas for our Honeymoon. We had originally planned a Mexican Cruise but it didn't work with John's work schedule. We decided to stay at Treasure Island, it's a nice Hotel and decently priced. Of course by the time we got there  there was no one checking in by then it was 11pm .When we got up to our room we noticed that it was a smoking room and needless to say we we're upset. We had booked our room 4 months Prior, this was the last thing we thought we needed to worry about. So my sweet husband went down to the front desk and asked them to change our rooms to a non smoking one and they said they had no more left only one waiting for a VIP Guest. John said out of all the Hotels on the Strip we chose yours for our Honeymoon weekend and that's how you treat your guests? John demanded the manager and within a few minutes are room was changed. We had an amazing suite. Jetted Tub,2 Bathrooms, Queen Bed, and the room itself was very classy. We we're there for the weekend and we enjoyed ourselves. We layed out by the pool went swimming, went to an amazing dinner;Phil's Italian Steakhouse inside the Treasure Island, it was by far the fanciest restaurant I have ever been too. it was our honeymoon so we splurged, probably the best meal either of us has eaten. It was nice going out to eat for every meal and just enjoying Vegas. We walked the strip and felt like tourists, relaxed enjoyed being husband and wife turning off our phones for the weekend which was very nice. We had our Utah Open House the following Saturday and it was a lot of fun. It was identical to our Vegas Reception except no dancing. I was able to meet A lot of John's extended family, close friends and his Mission President who he talks about regularly,  I finally was able to put a name to a face. Out of all the gifts we got there was one that stood out a little above the rest. Our Sister in Law Amy Carpenter had shorthand our Sealing in a notepad as much as she could. It was very sacred and special to us. We've now been married for 9 1/2 months and couldn't be happier.



Monday, July 8, 2013

Daxton's FIRST Birthday Smash Cake, Mickey Pancakes and Mexican Dinner

I Cannot believe that a whole YEAR has flown by since the day Daxton was born on July 7th, 2012. It all seemed to happen so fast. My water broke I was in labor for 15 hours, pushing for 3 hours. Then finally decided to do a C Section I was terrified scared and nervous and well here he came! It was the most unforgettable, Life changing, Amazing, Emotional experience of my LIFE! When he was a Newborn we weren't sure how we would get through the sleepless nights and days but we managed. Then came 4 months he rolled over  and then 6 months he started eating baby foods then 10 months he was crawling and now he is a YEAR OLD?!!!! WOW. Today is his actual birthday. We woke up and went into his room and sang Happy Birthday! We also had a cuddle party on our bed. We laughed and played and threw him up in the air and have him land on the bed, Dax loved that! We decided to make him a Mickey Mouse Pancake for breakfast. He liked it. After that we got ready for the day and went to Lowes. We walked around and got a few things. Then we went to Smiths and got his Balloons. For his Actual Birthday we decided to do a smashcake Photo shoot John made the cake and we bought ballons and decorations. We made Homemade white frosting and bought Red and Yellow food coloring. We also bought a cute Mickey candle but decided to wait and light it when he has his 2 Birthday Parties with Family and Friends this weekend in Vegas and Cali. So I have seen pictures on Pinterest of babies and Smash cakes and I thought let's try it. It was fun. At first Dax was just playing with the frosting and not doing much. It was funny because he would just look at the frosting and then rub the frosting with his hands. After a while John decided to dig his hand in so that Dax could actually start eating the cake. The cake we chose was a white cherry chip cake. We chose Red and Yellow Frosting because of Mickey Mouse. Dax started digging in and eating, smiling and enjoying himself. We sang him Happy Birthday and recorded it. John said this will be playing at your Wedding. I couldn't help but laugh. We took a Million pictures and after a while Dax pushed the plate away as if he could talk he would say "All Done". It was cute so we grabbed him and put him in the bath tub to rinse off. We cleaned up the mess and got ready to go to dinner. We went to Don Pedros a Mexican Restaurant and Dax had a cheese Quesadilla beans and rice. He wasn't a real fan of beans but he loves Cheese!!!! We enjoyed being out as a family and loved watching Dax eat and be playful. Every time he gets excited he growls it's so cute! We remised about the First year and how fast it went. We are so grateful Daxton came into our lives when he did. It happened fast but I wouldn't have any other way. I am so happy and thankful Dax came when he did. He is our Sunshine. He definably makes life sweeter, Let's hope this next year can go a little slower. Here's to hoping he will walk soon and hoping he will finally saw Momma. Until next year!



Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summertime Fun In the Mountains July 2013

Tonight was a fun Family Night. Johns buddies from work had been camping in the mountains for a few days and decided to invite us up for dinner. It was a pretty drive up there and we we're excited to hang out around the campfire and relax up in the mountains. As soon as we got there we saw a DEER. It was so cute. John wanted to get a picture so he took Dax and they ventured off into the forest looking for it. They we're able to find him and took a picture. Dax was his cool calm self and was soaking up all the fun and excitement. Before dinner Bart and Bryan decided to take John and I Four Wheeling. We bought thought of we will be gone for 10 minutes maybe a little more. To our surprise it was an hour later but well worth it. Defiantly a fun memory made.  Bart was leading the way and Bryan was behind John and I to make sure we we're okay. We went through rocks and water mud puddles, through a ton of trees and up these crazy trails. Luckily I was wearing a helmet. After we got back to the campsite we started dinner. We had Brat words and Hot dogs, Salads, Jello, Yogurt cheesecake it was delicious! Dax had a plate of his own and demolished everything. He is quite the eater, he is such a little piggy. We hung out and John went four wheeling by himself that was fun for him. We talked for a while and then made Smores!!! I let Dax have a bit of the Marshmallows  and some graham crackers. He loved it. Dax started getting fussy so we decided to leave. It was already 9:30. We gathered our things and thanked everyone and left. It was a nice drive home very peaceful. I am excited that I am slowly getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things Especially things that John enjoys. I am excited for our next Camping, Bbq Mountain Adventure. Dax was very mesmerized  by the fire. He kept wanting to touch it. He is such a joy to watch and try new things with. I love my family and am thankful for them everyday.






Splash Pad First Time June 2013

The day that Daxton turned 11 Months we went down to Lehi for the weekend and stayed at Jeff and Amy's. Amy and I decided to take the kids to the Splash Park in Highland. I had never been so I had no idea what to expect. It was a lot of fun. I was excited because I had heard so much about it from my friends and would always see pictures of kids at Splash parks. When we got there we laid out our towels and put sun screen on the kids. We decided to sit down with our feet in and let the kids play. I held Dax in my lap since he couldn't stand on his own and their we're kids everywhere, Dax was not having it. The water was freezing and every time a kid would pass by us he would scream if any water touch him. After a while we decided to go over to the big fountain of water was splashing everywhere on the cement and I sat Dax down alone. Probably not the best idea but I wanted him to experience it and of course take some pictures. After a while we decided to leave and we got Snow Cones. Boy was Dax excited. I decided to get Strawberry and Blue Cotton Candy. It was delicious and defiantly cured my sweet tooth. Dax couldn't get enough and kept wanting more and more. It was adorable. He of course was getting all messy and sticky and kept touching my phone and got that all sticky. By the time we left the kids we're tired and ready to go. All in all it was a fun way to start our Summer    


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dax's FIRST 4th of July 2013

It's hard to think that this time last year I was Pregnant with Dax and little did I know I would have him 3 days later. We had a fun 4th of July this year. We went on a drive near Flaming Gorge not exactly to the Gorge but went through this pretty Forest I believe it was called Ashley Forest. We got Subway for lunch and walked around the trails it was fun and relaxing. Dax was a good boy of course and he was soaking it all in. It was nice to get away from everything and be in nature. It was peaceful and beautiful. It was also nice just to take a drive and just "TALK". Dax was sleeping of course so John and I we're able to talk and just relish in the moment.
After we got home from our Picnic up the canyon/forest we decided to take a 4th of July nap. I tried to at least. Dax wasn't napping so I got up with him and we played until John woke up. Johns buddy Ronnie from work called and they invited us over for a BBQ. We went to Smiths and got Steaks, Chips, Potato Salad and Jello. We went over to the Richey House and hangout for a while talked and then started grilling the steaks. We also had watermelon and Soda. I even made a plate for Dax believe it or not. He had Watermelon, Potato Salad and Jello. He loved it and ate every bite. We sat and talked and enjoyed each others company while our kids played. We each told our stories of how we met, got engaged and married. It was quite entertaining. As the sun began to go down and the sky was dark we headed into our cars and drove down to watch the Fireworks along with everyone else in vernal.
When we we're driving there we had the windows down and the music up. The weather was perfect and we remised about our FIRST 4th of July when we had just started talking we weren't even officially dating yet. It is fun to look back and see how far we have come since then and now. When we pulled up to the High School where the Fireworks we're it seemed like everyone in Vernal was there. John and Ronnie saw a lot of their Paroles and we're joking if they had to make any arrests they would be in their flip flops. They are two peas in a pod when they are together. We found a nice spot to sit and low and behold the Rasmussen Family was sitting right next to us. Such a SMALL WORLD huh? Of all places to sit watching Fireworks in Vernal. It was fun to visit with them again. We got our blankets and chairs and started watching the fireworks or so we thought. At first their weren't that many and we thought this is weak come one Vernal. We took some family pictures before it got too dark. I was anxious, nervous and excited to see how Dax would react/respond to the Fireworks. Considering the Fireworks are loud and Dax is terrified of the vacuum I had to think he might be a little scared. Nope not one bit. In fact he was taking it all in and acting like his cool, calm collected self. He would try and reach up and touch the fireworks, he would talk and babble and he was just so relaxed it was so cute! I love cuddling with John and sharing our FIRST 4th of July as a family. We talked and remised about our first 4th of July together and how last year we we're pregnant and I would have Dax any day thinking maybe the sound of the Fireworks would scare Dax to come , it didn't. I am so grateful and thankful to have my sweet eternal family. I love living in America and enjoying the freedoms I easily take for granted, After the Fireoworks ended we walked to our car and it was 10:30! Wow. Dax stayed up late! By the time we got home, showered and in bed it was 11:30 pm late night. All in and all great memories. Until next year!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2nd Anniversary June 2013

It is crazy to think that we have already been married 2 YEARS! It seems like yesterday that we we're getting married. So much has happened in the past 2 years it is crazy. First we we're married for 4 months and decided to start trying for a Baby little did we know it would happen faster than we thought. We honestly thought that it would take 6 months to a year. So at our surprise 5 weeks BAM
We bought our first home a Townhouse in Eagle Mountain, Lived there for 10 Months. John worked at the State Prison for 2 year and in November 2012 he was promoted to AP&P, he worked in Salt Lake at a halfway House. He switched to graveyards and I began working a few days after Christmas. We needed the money since we sold our house thinking John would get a promotion in Vernal. When he didn't we had to move regardless because our house sold within a week being on the market.

 We rented a really nice Townhouse in Lehi. We we're very fortunate to get it. It was extremely hard working full time and being away from Dax. He was almost 6 months old. We we're fortunate that John was home with him most of the time and our friends the Astles watched him the rest of the time for about 5 weeks. I felt horrible. I knew that we needed the money. My job was a Receptionist at VW South town. I loved my job. I loved everyone I worked with and I enjoyed what I did. February rolls around and a few days before Valentines John gets a call from the Regional Director of AP&P. He tells him that they are very shorthanded out in Vernal and need another Agent as soon as possible. John and I talk it over and decide to take the promotion. We celebrated the promotion and Valentines by going to Cheesecake Factory, Jen and Brian watched Dax so it was nice to have some quality time together as husband and wife.
 We moved in March to Stacy and Kelbys up in Syracuse. We lived in their basement. It was a lot of fun. Dax loved it there, especially playing with his cousins all the time. John was planning on going into Police Academy in April and finishing up in June. If it was only that easy. The first day of Academy John was finishing the run and he completely blew out his knee. He called me in tears and we then preceded to the DRS. The Dr recommended that we go see a Orthopedic DR. Thankfully it was nothing serious and he had to do PT for 5 weeks. It is slowly getting stronger and tolerable. So in that fiasco we had to move to Vernal right away since John wasn't able to finish the Academy. We are now in Vernal and it has been 2 Months, We live in an apartment it isn't ideal but it'll work for now. John loves his career.

The actual day of our anniversary John had to work but I decided I would surprise him with dinner. I made lemon chicken rice and asparagus. I also had a glass jar filled with recces PB cups and on the bottom of each on I listed a quality I liked about him. I loved surprising him it was fun to see the smile on his face. We we're
able to go out for our 2 year Anniversary. We we're in Lehi and John was driving around and told me that he was taking me somewhere I had been before. We went to Rodizio Grill. It was fabulous. It was elegant intimate and the food was amazing! They had a salad and fruit bar. We each ordered yummy lemonade drinks and the meats we're coming every few minutes. I tried fried banana it was delicious. We had a chocolate cake and ice cream for desert, It was good but a little too rich for our liking. Who knows where we will be next year when we celebrate our 3 year anniversary but for now we are enjoying our sweet baby boy Daxton who is 11 months old. Time goes by too fast


Fathers Day 2013

Happy Fathers Day! Today was a good day, We went to church and it was amazing. After we came home relaxed a bit and I gave John his Fathers day Card and Candy, I talked with my Dad that was nice. I asked John what he wanted for his Fathers Day dinner and he replies Waffles. I said seriously? Okay well an hour later we we're invited to a BBQ with his work friends. It was a lot of fun. I have loved watching John and Dax together. They are 2 peas in a pod. Also each others mini's me's. I look forward to watching them together in the years to come.


Johns 30th Birthday

John turned 30 this year! He went to work for the day and I hung out with Dax. We played and I packed for us since we we're going to Salt Lake for the weekend. John came home and we left for Salt Lake. Throughout the day I told him Happy Birthday several times. We met his parents for dinner at Roadhouse. We had steak it was delicious. Of course the rolls we're to die for. We also totally embarrassed which was very entertaining, At Texas Roadhouse if it is your birthday you get to ride the bull and they sing Happy Birthday. John was a good sport and I have it recorded! The day before his birthday we celebrated here at home. I got Papa Murphy's Pizza, and surprised him with a Ice cream cake which he gets every year. It was a fun birthday for John. One of these days I'll plan a surprise Birthday for him. Now that would be priceless.


My 28th Birthday

   My 28th Birthday wasn't what I was use to and that was totally fine with me, I am married now and a Mom and that in itself is the greatest gift of all. In years past I have gone to California, went to Cheesecake Factory, the Beach, gotten my hair done. got a manicure and a pedicure, gone to the movies etc. This year I hung out with Dax tried getting a pedicure but none of the places I went to we're able to. Came home relaxed got ready and John and I went to dinner at a nice place here in Vernal called the Quarry. It was fun and relaxing my friend watched Dax. I had Steak and a salad and some vegies. Deseret was raspberry cheesecake. We came home and John made me a Confetti cake it was delicious. My siblings also called me and I talked to them it was fun. I was able to get my pedicure that Saturday and it was so relaxing!


Valentines Day 2013


Happy Valentines Day. It was like any normal day We both worked and that night I came home from work played with Dax, did some laundry and did a little photo shoot with Dax it was fun. We also got a Black Yukon the day after Valentines so I considered that to be a really good present. We went to Cheesecake Factory a few days before so all in all it was a good Valentines. Also John has only gotten me flowers ONCE and this is our 3rd Valentines together. So I know when I do get flowers it's Special. We actually celebrated at Cheesecake Factory My Favorite. Nothing to big and over the top, I am happy I have a husband I love and adore so much. Valentines isn't that big of a Holiday for me but it still fun to do sweet things for each other