Sunday, January 27, 2013

Daxton 6 Months

Cant believe Dax is 6 Months old.Time is going so fast and it makes me so sad. He is growing and getting so big.Dax sleeps through the night usually 10:30 to 7 or 11 to 8 kinda depends if he gets his naps in during the day.He takes a morning nap, a 2 hour afternoon nap and sometimes a nap later in the day. He still HATES the bath, which I think mainly because he isn't fully emerged in water. We try and put a decent amount but some of his upper body isn't emerged because he is sitting up so we try and do them as quick. His hair still is CURLY when wet makes me SO happy we both really hope he gets my curls.He loves Showers with Daddy he likes touching the water and cuddling with Daddy. His Favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.He gets SO excited he Squeals and smiles it is to die for. His other shows are Dora, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Max and Ruby. We have watched a few disney movies The Lion King and Aladdin but he doesn't care for them as much. He recognizes his own name which is adorable. He reaches for his rattle,bink toys keys and stuffed animals.His 2 favorite stuffed animals are his Teddy and Mr.Lion.He cuddles them and lifts them up etc.He LOVES the Big Boy Bed (our bed that is) He only sleeps there for naps sometimes depending on if he falls asleep or if he watches TV and happens to fall asleep. He loves it though he is very comfortable and loves the big boy pillow.He also lays on the bed while I clean the bathrooms or dust upstairs. He loves being wherever we are. He is so animated and has such a fun endearing personality. He is SO happy and full of life. His laugh is the cutest thing ever. We tickle him and chew on his cheeks. Whernever he does something we're proud of we clap together and say YAY!! For example holding his bottle like a big boy standing up on his Jumparoo thing.Dax still eats 4 to 5 times a Day.6 to 8 oz and downs his bottles so fast, sometimes he'll look up at us and it's as if he we're saying more please. He loves anyone and everyone.Dax is always SO happy and smiling. We get compliments wherever we go he is so handsome, look at all that hair, those dimples those cheeks so fun needless to say.He always always ROLLS over as soon as we put him in his crib whether it's for bed or for naptime and ends up sleeping on his tummy and never rolls back over. He will be in one spot when we put him down and be in a completly different spot when he wakes up. Dax loves cuddling. He is such a cuddle bear.Dax is still teething like crazy going on 4 Months of it and still NO TEETH BUDS.He has been fighting through the pain more and we only give him his Pedicare medicine if he absolutely  needs it.He has a MAD cry,He makes this ah ah ah sounds and it sounds like he's irritated as all get out, His fake cry is well fake sounding and we see right through. His sad cry makes me cry. It's so sad and sincere and makes me want to pick him up. He loves his Playmat and plays with his toy Monkey,toy keys rattle teddy and Mr Lion. He also enjoys his Bouncer he sits it in contently and watches his shows and often falls asleep in it Dax grabs the Turtle it plays music and he always babbles to him.Dax still snorts when he gets really hungry and wants his bottle. He loves to is the cutest!!! whether we're at home in the car or out and about running errands.We love it and enjoy every minute.Dax loves his Ele,music box and bink when he is in his carseat.My all time favorite memory that I have with Dax is Playing with him and when he grabs my face and smiles my heart instantly melts and well as rocking him to sleep every night and singing him lullabies and Primary songs.Before I know it he will be 5 years old. His 6 month Appt went well. The DR he had Dr Edwards hadn't seen him since his 2 week checkup so it was fun to see him again. Dax is 15 1/2 pds  4oz and 25 in. He is average and we aren't worried and neither is the DR.He has always been in the 25th percentile.He didn't enjoy his shots this time usually he does okay but he screamed his lungs out.We felt so bad but he did okay once we we're home. A day shy of being 6 Months we decided to start baby foods we tried Carrots first, He LOVED them,it took him a bit to like them but he got the hang of it and finally loves his bumbo! He is the light of our lives we thank Heavenly Father everyday for bringing him to our Eternal Family.Dax is still working on sitting up on his own, we know he'll get there. Cant wait for more fun adventures and to see him progress and grow.We love you Dax Dax your our everything.



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