Sunday, January 27, 2013

Daxton's First Christmas and New Years 2012

Daxton's First Christmas was exciting. On Christmas Eve we went to Target in search for Christmas Jammies for John and  I found some but of course they didn't have any in John's size. We went to Kneaders for lunch and brought the food back home. We decided to watch the Grinch stole Christmas. John had to work that night so I decided to take Dax out shopping for some last minute Christmas gifts for John. Boy was that a mistake. Not only was it cold snowy and the traffic was crazy. I had a 5 month old out in the middle of winter! What was I thinking. First we went to Wal-Mart and didn't really find anything I liked so we left. then we ventured off to Ross. Trying to walk in the snow and carry a car seat with a baby in it in the middle of winter is no fun at all. I got in the store and literally everything I wanted to buy John was completely gone, I should of known better. I got him a few pairs of socks and left. I wasn't allowed to take the cart out so I had to carry Daxton again. I was getting worried because I couldn't find my keys! I called John frantically and he calmed me down. I looked and looked and then walked back in the store asking them if they had seen them and they hadn't. I walked back to the car and looked again and they we're in the bottom of the diaper bag. Then next store we went to was Kohls. I had a lot of success there. I got John Pajama pants a few shirts a belt and a wallet clip. Luckily everything was on sale. When we left it was pitch black outside. I couldn't remember what side we were parked on and of course I walked out the wrong entrance. So in the dark snowy night I was walking with Dax through the parking lot. I was freezing. I felt horrible and just kept telling Dax I was sorry for taking him out in the winter. We got home fed changed Dax and got him settled. I wrapped Johns Gifts and then decided I wanted to bake. I got back in the car drove to Wal-Mart and got stuff for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies and Cream Cheese Brownies. Just as I had finished baking John came home. We opened our Christmas Jammies and took some pictures. Then we read the Christmas story to Dax and went to bed. Then next morning CHRISTMAS. We we're excited. We opened gifts and called our families. John left for work a few hours later, so Dax and I hung out. We watched movies, played and I cleaned the house. It was pretty lonely but I was excited to make Christmas Dinner. I made Spaghetti and Johns parents came over and gave us our gifts. We talked for a while, took pictures and said Goodbye. We decided to watch Christmas Vacation and cuddled on the couch. New Years I worked that day came home and Dax and I watched Descipable  Me and I made dinner. John got home an hour before midnight and we had dinner Chicken and also had sparkling cider. We watched the ball drop and had our New years kiss and then went to bed. the next day we celebrated Papa Frustaci's 93rd birthday. We went over to his place and had cake and ice cream with the family. We had a fun time. It was priceless to see Papa and Dax together, After we walked around Scheels and John looked at the Golf stuff, We left and decided to go to dinner to Paradise Bakery. It was perfect Soup and Sandwiches on that cold night. We also had a spontaneous Date Night and went to the movies. Our favorite thing to do. We saw Double 007 loved it! Michelle was sweet enough to watch Dax, All in all it was a fun memorable First Christmas and New Years. 


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