Monday, April 15, 2013

Daxton 9 Months

I cant believe that Dax is already 9 months old.The time is going so fast and he is getting so big.He has the cutest personality and demeanor about him.Dax is always smiling,laughing or babbling.He loves saying Dadada and get's excited whenever he sees his bottle.sees Mickey Mouse,Dora,Mommy,Daddy,FOOD of any sort.He loves playing with straws whenever we go out to eat.We usually put him a highchair so he doesn't grab our food or worse our drinks.He gets really upset whenever we take anything away from him.Hence he'll grab anything in sight.He loves cuddling with anyone and everyone.He always holds and plays with my hair when I rock him to sleep.I enjoy every second of it.Dax is now a fan of Baths.He no longer cries when he gets in and out of the bath.Hooray!!!! He is such a little fish.He plays with his rubber duckies and chews on them good for his gums I guess.He loves to splash and always babbles and coos it's quite entertaining to watch.He has 2 teeth on the bottom.I love showing them off because he looks like such a big boy definitely not a baby.I love that he still looks like a cute Gerber baby.He is so chunky he has collected quite a few nicknames.Papa Frustaci calls him Beefcake.Grandpa Carpenter calls him Chunky Monkey.Momma and Daddy call him Monkey because he is still so hairy.He had hair everywhere when he was born and the nurses told us it would eventually all go away.It has for the most part but he is still has hair on his back and bum it's adorable.I have been watching his eye color and they are a green hazel color very fitting for him.Everyone that meets Dax always asks us is he always this happy? We always reply yes he is.Unless the usual feeding,changing,sleeping.Everyone asks me does he crawl? The answer is NO.He tries he really does.He hunches up on gets in postion and then rolls over or falls flat.I know it'll happen eventually we aren't worried and neither is our DR.Dax still loves naptime.They vary day to day.Either an hour morning and an hour afternoon or 2 hours each.It's usually around 11 or noon and 2 or 3 pm.Dax had an exciting Month.He had his First Easter and his First time swimming.He loved it.He can clap his hands and has excellent hand and eye coordination. He watches objects closely and loves picking toys up and shaking and throwing them.His favorite game is Peek a boo.Patticake comes in a close second.He will eat anything.He has quite a wide selection of foods.From Apples,Banannas, Mac n Cheese,Vegetable beef and Turkey and rice.Honestly the only food he dispised was Peas.Can you blame him? He loves any kind of noise and can sleep through noise as well.From Vacums,to blowdryers to TV and Music.He knows who Momma and Daddy are.Dax loves colors and playing with his toys.Dax loved his highchair he was definitely ready for it..His favorites are Mokey,Mickey,Tonka Truck,Music stand,Mr Lion and Teddy.He loves to stand on his music toy and play.He can stand for 10 minutes which I think is great! He had his 9 month check up and weighs 19 pds 27 in and 46 cm head circumference.He is under for his weight and height but the DR is not concerned,Boys tend to have later growth spurts and John did as well.John was 5 '11 when he graduated and he grew 4'' on his mission.He had a few shots.The first was in his big toe.They tested for Amenia and they just pricked his little toe and he didn't even know what was going on.The others we're a different story.He screamed so loud probably the loudest he's ever been.The DR said it was good he likes all kinds of foods.He loved how chunky Dax was.He doesn't like being alone.As soon as we leave the room he gets mad and wonders where we are.Sometimes not all the time.He loves being the center of attention that's for sure.We love him more and more each day,He is the apple of our eye.Can't believe he will be a year old in such a short time.It's gonna go fast.


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