Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daxton's First Swim April 2012

Daxton had his first Swimming experience at Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter's on April 3rd.We went down to Vegas to spend Easter weekend with my family and decided to spend a few days at my inlaws in Hurricane Utah. Prior to going we went to Buy Buy Baby and got Dax a flotaie and we're really excited to use it. We had no idea how Dax would react to the water but we we're anxious to see his reaction. At first he cried I even have video of it on my phone. It took a few seconds for him to get use to the water and after a few minutes he loved it. He was splashing and laughing and babbling it was so cute. He swam for over 30 minutes and just relished in this new things called Water. He was smiling laughing and was such a joy to watch. I love that Dax is a water baby.Both of his grandparents have pools so he has no choice but to be a little Fishy. We can't wait to take him to the beach this summer right around his First birthday so exciting!

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