Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2nd Anniversary June 2013

It is crazy to think that we have already been married 2 YEARS! It seems like yesterday that we we're getting married. So much has happened in the past 2 years it is crazy. First we we're married for 4 months and decided to start trying for a Baby little did we know it would happen faster than we thought. We honestly thought that it would take 6 months to a year. So at our surprise 5 weeks BAM
We bought our first home a Townhouse in Eagle Mountain, Lived there for 10 Months. John worked at the State Prison for 2 year and in November 2012 he was promoted to AP&P, he worked in Salt Lake at a halfway House. He switched to graveyards and I began working a few days after Christmas. We needed the money since we sold our house thinking John would get a promotion in Vernal. When he didn't we had to move regardless because our house sold within a week being on the market.

 We rented a really nice Townhouse in Lehi. We we're very fortunate to get it. It was extremely hard working full time and being away from Dax. He was almost 6 months old. We we're fortunate that John was home with him most of the time and our friends the Astles watched him the rest of the time for about 5 weeks. I felt horrible. I knew that we needed the money. My job was a Receptionist at VW South town. I loved my job. I loved everyone I worked with and I enjoyed what I did. February rolls around and a few days before Valentines John gets a call from the Regional Director of AP&P. He tells him that they are very shorthanded out in Vernal and need another Agent as soon as possible. John and I talk it over and decide to take the promotion. We celebrated the promotion and Valentines by going to Cheesecake Factory, Jen and Brian watched Dax so it was nice to have some quality time together as husband and wife.
 We moved in March to Stacy and Kelbys up in Syracuse. We lived in their basement. It was a lot of fun. Dax loved it there, especially playing with his cousins all the time. John was planning on going into Police Academy in April and finishing up in June. If it was only that easy. The first day of Academy John was finishing the run and he completely blew out his knee. He called me in tears and we then preceded to the DRS. The Dr recommended that we go see a Orthopedic DR. Thankfully it was nothing serious and he had to do PT for 5 weeks. It is slowly getting stronger and tolerable. So in that fiasco we had to move to Vernal right away since John wasn't able to finish the Academy. We are now in Vernal and it has been 2 Months, We live in an apartment it isn't ideal but it'll work for now. John loves his career.

The actual day of our anniversary John had to work but I decided I would surprise him with dinner. I made lemon chicken rice and asparagus. I also had a glass jar filled with recces PB cups and on the bottom of each on I listed a quality I liked about him. I loved surprising him it was fun to see the smile on his face. We we're
able to go out for our 2 year Anniversary. We we're in Lehi and John was driving around and told me that he was taking me somewhere I had been before. We went to Rodizio Grill. It was fabulous. It was elegant intimate and the food was amazing! They had a salad and fruit bar. We each ordered yummy lemonade drinks and the meats we're coming every few minutes. I tried fried banana it was delicious. We had a chocolate cake and ice cream for desert, It was good but a little too rich for our liking. Who knows where we will be next year when we celebrate our 3 year anniversary but for now we are enjoying our sweet baby boy Daxton who is 11 months old. Time goes by too fast


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