Saturday, June 22, 2013

Crawling Daxton

Dax decided this month that he would FINALLY start crawling. It happened on May 15th in the afternoon. A week after he turned 10 months but who's counting?!John came home on his lunch break which he never does. We we're sitting and it happened. We we're both so excited and happy. John and I had been longing for him to crawl since 6 months. By 9 months we thought he won't do it, he will skip crawling and go straight to walking. Everyone kept asking us is he crawling yet? Our answer was always No! I recorded it on our camera as well as on my phone. His favorite thing to crawl to is the TV go figure. He loves getting all the DVDS out and playing with them as well as finding the remote .He Loves crawling in the kitchen and playing with the chairs. Dax is always getting into something. He thoroughly enjoys crawling to the bathroom and standing up and looking inside the bathtub. It has been exciting watching him crawl the past 2 weeks. He is such a joy to have in our family and in our home. Hopefully walking will come shortly.


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