Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dax Eating Spaghetti First Time June 2013

  So for the first time tonight Dax had dinner with us and not baby food or a piece of a roll he actually had SPAGHETTI! He loved it! He wasn't sure what to make of it and just started playing. He slowly began to eat and it and eventually made a complete mess it was so fun to watch. He would make noises and reach for the table, he of course had it everywhere by the end. From his hair, eyes, stomach and al over his tray and of course on the floor. Spaghetti is my favorite so I am happy he liked it. It was quite hysterical getting him from the kitchen  to the shower. I took as much spaghetti as I could off of him so it wouldn't drag all over .We took him to the sink and brushed him off then John and Dax took a shower and then I gave him a bath because Dax loves his baths. I know this is the first of many foods he will try. It was fun and very memorable.



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