Saturday, June 22, 2013

Daxton 11 Months

Daxton is 11 Months old! This has gone so fast he went from newborn to big boy in no time. Dax is very social like his Momma. Wherever we go he is waving smiling cooing babbling it is adorable. Whether we are at the Grocery store, Church, or just taking a walk Dax is always aware of his surroundings .I try and go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week not only is it ME time but Dax loves the Daycare! From the minute we open the doors he starts squealing getting excited because he knows where we are. It is so cute! They always tell me he is such a joy to have, Always happy and smiling. Dax started crawling at 10 months and a week old. Now he cannot stop. I use to have all the doors open and he would crawl everywhere from our bathrooms to our bedrooms to the kitchen pantry, He is very curious and isn't afraid of anything. He loves standing on anything. Whether it is the couch, the washer, chairs or cabinets anything and everything he will grab on to. Dax still loves taking LONG naps. Either from 11 to 2 or 2 to 5. Sometimes he won't take a nap at all, which is rare but it does happen. He loves the kitchen. We haven't safe guarded anything yet. Which we totally should. He likes getting into the medicine drawer and shaking all the bottles it's pretty funny. Don't worry they are child proof. I am always right there when he is playing with it too. Dax loves playing with mixing bowls anything he can make noise with really. He LOVES bah time, It id by far his favorite part of the day, He splashes and babbles and plays with all of his bath toys, He is fascinated by water and hates getting out. Dax loves eating what baby doesn't right? He still watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Max and Ruby, Dora and Jake and the Never land Pirates. He Loves TV. I don't know if that is necessarily a good thing but he is definitely entertained. We are anxiously awaiting when he will start walking. I don't think it is anytime soon. Dax has to cuddle after his naps or after he wakes up in the morning. That is a must. He will cuddle for 5 to 20 minutes and is just a gem. Dax has a very calm demeanor and his personality seems to come out when he is around others. He still is an angel in the car and always ends up sleeping whenever we go on Road Trips. Which of course is so nice. He loves crawling everywhere which is fun sometimes but sometimes not. For Example Church is horrible now. During Sacrament Dax doesn't want to be confined. He is always wanting to crawl or get into something. So during Sacrament sometimes we take turns walking the halls. Sometimes he behaves it just depends on the day. He always has a variety of foods. From bananas, to squash, cheerios and puffs. He finally likes juice so I bought him a juice cup and it's Mickey Mouse of course and he loves it. Dax will walk if we hold his hands and he walks along with us, it is really cute. Dax is still attached to his Bink. He has it everywhere, it keeps him very content. Whenever we go to the grocery store he is always waving and  babbling to people it is so cute. I cannot believe Dax is turning 1 Next Month. It has gone so incredibly fast and makes me so sad.





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