Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dax's FIRST 4th of July 2013

It's hard to think that this time last year I was Pregnant with Dax and little did I know I would have him 3 days later. We had a fun 4th of July this year. We went on a drive near Flaming Gorge not exactly to the Gorge but went through this pretty Forest I believe it was called Ashley Forest. We got Subway for lunch and walked around the trails it was fun and relaxing. Dax was a good boy of course and he was soaking it all in. It was nice to get away from everything and be in nature. It was peaceful and beautiful. It was also nice just to take a drive and just "TALK". Dax was sleeping of course so John and I we're able to talk and just relish in the moment.
After we got home from our Picnic up the canyon/forest we decided to take a 4th of July nap. I tried to at least. Dax wasn't napping so I got up with him and we played until John woke up. Johns buddy Ronnie from work called and they invited us over for a BBQ. We went to Smiths and got Steaks, Chips, Potato Salad and Jello. We went over to the Richey House and hangout for a while talked and then started grilling the steaks. We also had watermelon and Soda. I even made a plate for Dax believe it or not. He had Watermelon, Potato Salad and Jello. He loved it and ate every bite. We sat and talked and enjoyed each others company while our kids played. We each told our stories of how we met, got engaged and married. It was quite entertaining. As the sun began to go down and the sky was dark we headed into our cars and drove down to watch the Fireworks along with everyone else in vernal.
When we we're driving there we had the windows down and the music up. The weather was perfect and we remised about our FIRST 4th of July when we had just started talking we weren't even officially dating yet. It is fun to look back and see how far we have come since then and now. When we pulled up to the High School where the Fireworks we're it seemed like everyone in Vernal was there. John and Ronnie saw a lot of their Paroles and we're joking if they had to make any arrests they would be in their flip flops. They are two peas in a pod when they are together. We found a nice spot to sit and low and behold the Rasmussen Family was sitting right next to us. Such a SMALL WORLD huh? Of all places to sit watching Fireworks in Vernal. It was fun to visit with them again. We got our blankets and chairs and started watching the fireworks or so we thought. At first their weren't that many and we thought this is weak come one Vernal. We took some family pictures before it got too dark. I was anxious, nervous and excited to see how Dax would react/respond to the Fireworks. Considering the Fireworks are loud and Dax is terrified of the vacuum I had to think he might be a little scared. Nope not one bit. In fact he was taking it all in and acting like his cool, calm collected self. He would try and reach up and touch the fireworks, he would talk and babble and he was just so relaxed it was so cute! I love cuddling with John and sharing our FIRST 4th of July as a family. We talked and remised about our first 4th of July together and how last year we we're pregnant and I would have Dax any day thinking maybe the sound of the Fireworks would scare Dax to come , it didn't. I am so grateful and thankful to have my sweet eternal family. I love living in America and enjoying the freedoms I easily take for granted, After the Fireoworks ended we walked to our car and it was 10:30! Wow. Dax stayed up late! By the time we got home, showered and in bed it was 11:30 pm late night. All in and all great memories. Until next year!

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