Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summertime Fun In the Mountains July 2013

Tonight was a fun Family Night. Johns buddies from work had been camping in the mountains for a few days and decided to invite us up for dinner. It was a pretty drive up there and we we're excited to hang out around the campfire and relax up in the mountains. As soon as we got there we saw a DEER. It was so cute. John wanted to get a picture so he took Dax and they ventured off into the forest looking for it. They we're able to find him and took a picture. Dax was his cool calm self and was soaking up all the fun and excitement. Before dinner Bart and Bryan decided to take John and I Four Wheeling. We bought thought of we will be gone for 10 minutes maybe a little more. To our surprise it was an hour later but well worth it. Defiantly a fun memory made.  Bart was leading the way and Bryan was behind John and I to make sure we we're okay. We went through rocks and water mud puddles, through a ton of trees and up these crazy trails. Luckily I was wearing a helmet. After we got back to the campsite we started dinner. We had Brat words and Hot dogs, Salads, Jello, Yogurt cheesecake it was delicious! Dax had a plate of his own and demolished everything. He is quite the eater, he is such a little piggy. We hung out and John went four wheeling by himself that was fun for him. We talked for a while and then made Smores!!! I let Dax have a bit of the Marshmallows  and some graham crackers. He loved it. Dax started getting fussy so we decided to leave. It was already 9:30. We gathered our things and thanked everyone and left. It was a nice drive home very peaceful. I am excited that I am slowly getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things Especially things that John enjoys. I am excited for our next Camping, Bbq Mountain Adventure. Dax was very mesmerized  by the fire. He kept wanting to touch it. He is such a joy to watch and try new things with. I love my family and am thankful for them everyday.






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