Monday, September 2, 2013

Wedding Day Best Day of Our Lives

On June 11,2011 our lives changed forever. We we're sealed in the Las Vegas Temple for time and all eternity in front of several family and close friends. I drove to the Temple that morning with my dad thinking, today is the day, I am getting married. I had looked forward to this day since I was 8 years old and it was finally happening.The weather was perfect it was sunny with a little breeze. When I saw John for the first time after we we're sealed and getting ready to walk out the Temple doors he was in his Tux and I was in my Wedding Dress, I thought wow that's my Husband! So weird calling him that for a while but eventually we got use to it as everyone does. I will never forget that moment that John saw me for the first time in my Wedding Dress, the look and what we shared was so sweet and unforgettable. When we came out of the temple hand in hand as husband and wife: Mr and Mrs. Carpenter, it felt amazing. All of our family and friends we're cheering for us and celebrating our special day. We had a Family Luncheon after and it was fun seeing all of our family and thanking them for coming and helping us celebrate. We drove to Treasure Island to check in to our Hotel early and it was so crowded we weren't able to check in early so we left and drove to our Reception. I still had not seen what the reception looked like, it was  a surprise and it was fun that way, it made the moment unforgettable when I walked in and saw it for the first time. I started crying because i was so happy and so grateful for every one's hard work. It was truly my dream wedding. The reception was traditional in some aspects. We had a Wedding Line with our parents, we had the traditional dances. Daddy daughter, Mother son, First and Last dance as husband and wife. We had dancing and everyone had a really good time. Some of my friends said this was the funnest Mormon Reception they have been too, that made me laugh. The food was so delicious, we had a summer themed menu. Chicken croissant sandwiches, different types of salads, fruit and vegetable trays, lemonade jars. We had several people come up and tell us that our Wedding Cake was one of the best that have ever had. It was 3 tiered cake that had vanilla in one, chocolate marble in the other and the one we ate and cut for the cake cutting was Red Velvet. What I wasn't expecting was while we we're feeding each other the cake John throwing it in my face. I was shocked but I laughed it off and I got even. I then threw it in his face and it got everywhere all over his face, ears and hair. We we're laughing and enjoying this priceless moment. We left the Reception and were off to Treasure Island, of course our Rouge was covered in writing, straws and other things. It was cute not trashed or anything.























    We decided to stay in Vegas for our Honeymoon. We had originally planned a Mexican Cruise but it didn't work with John's work schedule. We decided to stay at Treasure Island, it's a nice Hotel and decently priced. Of course by the time we got there  there was no one checking in by then it was 11pm .When we got up to our room we noticed that it was a smoking room and needless to say we we're upset. We had booked our room 4 months Prior, this was the last thing we thought we needed to worry about. So my sweet husband went down to the front desk and asked them to change our rooms to a non smoking one and they said they had no more left only one waiting for a VIP Guest. John said out of all the Hotels on the Strip we chose yours for our Honeymoon weekend and that's how you treat your guests? John demanded the manager and within a few minutes are room was changed. We had an amazing suite. Jetted Tub,2 Bathrooms, Queen Bed, and the room itself was very classy. We we're there for the weekend and we enjoyed ourselves. We layed out by the pool went swimming, went to an amazing dinner;Phil's Italian Steakhouse inside the Treasure Island, it was by far the fanciest restaurant I have ever been too. it was our honeymoon so we splurged, probably the best meal either of us has eaten. It was nice going out to eat for every meal and just enjoying Vegas. We walked the strip and felt like tourists, relaxed enjoyed being husband and wife turning off our phones for the weekend which was very nice. We had our Utah Open House the following Saturday and it was a lot of fun. It was identical to our Vegas Reception except no dancing. I was able to meet A lot of John's extended family, close friends and his Mission President who he talks about regularly,  I finally was able to put a name to a face. Out of all the gifts we got there was one that stood out a little above the rest. Our Sister in Law Amy Carpenter had shorthand our Sealing in a notepad as much as she could. It was very sacred and special to us. We've now been married for 9 1/2 months and couldn't be happier.



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