Friday, October 11, 2013

15 Month Check Up October 2013

Dax had his 15 month Check Up today. We got there a little early so we had to wait a bit. But he looked at the fish tank and waved and babbled with the other kids that we're waiting as well. We have had the same DR since the last 3 check ups. So that is fun to built a repore with him. We love Dr Cox. The Nurse came in and she weighed him and measured his length and head circumference. He is 22pds (30th percentile) 29 1/2 inches (4th Percentile) and 48.2 head circumference. Dr Cox said that Dax is progressing amazingly. He says Hi, Momma, Dada, Bye, Dog (Da), Uh Oh. He points to anything and everything. His favorite thing is still Lights and Ceiling Fans and DOGS!!! he loves them. Hence one of his words he said after Momma and Dada. He loves playing with them. He laughs and just relishes in their presence. Dr Cox said that the average age a toddler begins to walk is 13 months. Yes Dax is 15 months and not full on walking Yet he has been taking steps since 13 months. Dax is healthy happy and such a joy to be around. He has 7 teeth, 4 on the top and 3 on the bottom. His next check up is 18 months hoping he will be Full on Walking well see I won't hold my breath haha we are enjoying him and letting him take his sweet time. He will walk when he is ready. I just wish people would stop asking us about it.!!!!! Here our some cute pictures I took


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  1. Such a cutie! Don't worry, Bonnie is not walking but she is probably a week away from it! They are such kindred spirits! Haha