Thursday, March 21, 2013

Daxton 8 Months

 I cannot believe how fast time is going.I just want him to stay my Baby forever.Is that too much to ask?Well Dax is now sitting up in the Bathtub all by himself.I can't believe it.It seems like yesterday he was a newborn and we we're bathing him in the kitchen sink.He loves the water and loves playing with his rubber duckies.He likes splashing and is always very content.As soon as I put shampoo on his head his hair turns curly and I love it.Dax is very aware of his surroundings.He knows very well who John and I are and as soon as we leave the room he cries.He thinks we're leaving him.So I like to play this game with him.Peek a Boo it is his all time favorite.I'll hide behind the couch or under the blanket and he loves it..Dax has the cutest personality and demeanor.He is outgoing and loves to be around other babies and kids.He smiles laughs and tries to touch their face or hands its's  so cute.He has absolutely no stranger danger whatsoever.We love that.He can honestly go to anyone and it won't even phase him one bit.He know has 2 bottom teeth coming in on his left side/They haven't cut through yet but will soon.He loves his bottle and can drink it within 3 minutes sometimes when he's extremely hungry.He loves to cuddle and will put his head on your shoulder and doze off especially when I am singing to him and rocking him to sleep.Dax loves to babble especially in the car.It is so fun to listen to him.He will squeal and coo whenever and wherever.Wherever we go we get compliments on Dax.From his cheeks to chubby thighs.It's adorable he is just a big bundle of joy.Everyone always asks if he is crawling and our response,NO.We lay him on his hands and knees and he looks at us like what are you thinking.He has no desire so we are just fine with that. Dax loves his Teddy and Mr Lion.He loves playing with his Tonka Truck and Monkey.Dax has amazing Motor Development and will pick up and put down his toys.He loves holding and playing with his spoon when he eats.Dax loves his sleep.We we're fortunate enough that Dax starting sleeping through the night at 3 months old.He Sleeps 8 to 10 hours a night with an hour morning nap and a 2 hour afternoon nap as well.He loves playing with straws and napkins whenever we go out to eat,He will grab anything and everything.From feeding him in his bumbo he is grabbing the place mats and the centerpiece off the table, to changing him and having him grab his diapers of baby powder.Dax has different cries and he loves fake crying it's quite entertaining.Once he starts one of us will start laughing or mimicking him and he will start to laugh,Dax has 1 tooth coming in on his bottom left side.He is teething pretty bad because of it.But we manage and as long as he has his baby pedicare he's good.Dax loves all foods.From Turkey and Rice,Chicken and Veggies and Beef and Veggies.Nothing he doesn't like except Peas.He loves his stroller and he sits up in it like a big boy which is so fun! He loves holding our phones and keys.Anything that makes noise makes Dax happy.Dax favorite show is still Mickey Mouse Clubhouse he could watch it everyday.The smile on his face when he sees Mickey is priceless. He loves his rattle especially when we are driving.He shakes it and throws it.It's a fun little game for him.He loves sucking his fingers.We try to not have him do that so we stick his bink it as soon as we can.He is such a binkie baby and we love it.He also smiles when he sees Max and Ruby and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.He loves to laugh.Whenever we cough or he fake cough he laughs he thinks that is so entertaining. He says dadada  sometimes I hear John say Dax say Momma Momma.Which is so sweet.He loves to growl and squeal don't get him going because he won't stop We bought him a fun new Toy that he sits with on the carpet and he plays with it all day.It definitely helps his motor development and hand and eye coordination. Their is a little piano which he either uses his hands to play with or his mouth.He opens and closes the Hippo.He shakes the Monkey Rattle and Plays with the Kitty Cat Tail.He will bang on the it and make lots of noise and laugh and babble it is so fun to see his face light up and mesmerized. .My parents came up a few weeks ago and it was fun to see them interact with him.My Dad said wow look at you beefcake look at those thighs it was so funny. He is the apple of our eye and we love him more and more everyday,I can't believe in a few short months he will be 1.It has gone way too fast.We love you Dax keep growing and getting bigger each day.



Sunday, March 17, 2013

Daxton 7 Months

Dax is 7 Months old! I can't believe how fast time is going! He had quite the exciting month.He tried all different kinds of baby foods and FINALLY Sat Up on his own.Dax first foods we're Carrots,then Sweet Potatoes,then Squash,then Peas,Banannas. Those we're the first 5 he tried and boy do I have stories for each. So at Daxton's 6 month appt he told us that we can now start Dax on Baby food we we're SO excited! We obviously had no idea how Dax would react.Carrots we're his first and at first he didn't really know what was happening by the 3rd or 4th spoonful he was enjoying them. We had him on Carrots for 4 to 5 days just to ensure he wasn't allergic and then we moved to the next food of choice Sweet Potatoes. These we're by far his FAVORITE.He would sqeal kick coo babble and try grabbing the food. It was hillarious.Squash was next and he liked it not nearly as much as Sweet Potatoes but he ate it and was satisfed.Then there was Peas. First off the Peas in the container looked disgusting,smelled disgusting so I could only imagine how bad they taste.Dax instantly hated them. He would turn away gag and spit them out. I tried 3 times and the third time was the charm. He ate the entire container I was shocked. I tried for a 4th time and Dax was not having it so I said alright you can be done with these. Since he was such a trooper with Peas I decicded  to try Fruits next my all time favorite BanannasThey we're delicious.I loved them and even made John try them and he couldn't believe how good they we're.I would say these we're his 2nd Favorites.Dax still has 4 to 5 bottles a day at about 6 oz.He is such a little piggy too.He can hold his own bottle and he drink it within 3 Minutes. It's crazy he just goes to town.He sighs and coos and closes his eyes it's so cute to watch.I went back to work when Dax was 6 Months old. So John had to acclmate to working graveyards to staying home with Dax all day.It was definitley an adjustment and he misses me being a stay at home mom.He appreciates all that I do around the house and with Dax.Dax loves his sleep. He takes a morning nap for about 45 minutes a afternoon nap for 2 hours and sometimes a late afternoon nap.He usually falls asleep between 8 and 10 just depends on how tired he is. He sleeps 8 to 10 hours.Sometimes he will wake up in the middle of the night and want to be changed and fed and then he goes right back to sleep.He FINALLY Sat Up. He had tried it at 6 Months and would fall over within a few seconds.We knew it would happen eventually. I sat him up to take his Valentines Day pictures and he was sitting up like a Champ! Dax has the cutest personality.He loves anyone he comes in contact with.He is always smiling and babbling.He sqeals everytime he sees Mickey Mouse or his bottle.He loves his Tonka Truck and loves playing with it whether it is upside down or upright.He loves all the sounds it makes.He loves his Monkey and grabs the tail and also loves the sounds it makes.He is our little Monkey and rolls over all the time.In his crib, on his playmat and will be on one side of the room and make his way over to the opposite side.It is quite entertaining.He is well aware of who John and I are and cries when we leave the room.He loves cuddling and laughing.His laugh is very infectious.Dax loves Showers with his Daddy.Dax is a very contenHDt baby nothing really bothers him,definitley has John's demanor. Dax Finally has a Tooth coming in on the bottom left side.It hasn't cut through yet but I know it will very soon.Another fun exciting month for Dax.We love him so much and our so grateful he joined our eternal family.