Thursday, April 4, 2013

Working Momma & Birthday Parties January 2013

January was a fun month full of Birthday Parties.First was Papa Frustaci's. He turned 93 years old on New Years Day.It was definitely a fun way to start out our New Year.We went to Papa's Retirement home and joined the rest of the Frustaci Family.We all hung out and enjoyed each others company.We sang Happy Birthday to Papa, I am so happy that I recorded it. It was a very special moment.Papa loves Dax.he lights up and smiles so big.It melts my heart.Dax also had his first Birthday Friend Party.Liam Nevin. We hung out with everyone and watched Liam open his presents.Dax got him a helicopter toy and he loved it. It made the cutest noises and it also had a string so he could carry it around. Dax was definitely a hit.Everyone thought he was so cute. He played with Liam on his highchair and kept trying to grab his toys.It was fun to watch them interact with one another.I went back to work and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.Dax was 6 months old and was starting to become playful and full of excitement.I knew I was helping out our family and it was the best thing for our family at the time.I was employed at VW Southtowne I was the Receptionist.It was fun enjoyable and a lot of multi tasking.I worked 8 to 5 Monday thru Friday.I longed for the weekends to come and cherished every moment with John and Dax,John definitely respected all that I did while I was a stay at home mom.There we're days we're I would cry leaving for work and others were I was just fine.Luckily I lived close enough that I went home on my Lunch everyday, that was definitely the highlight of my day.Luckily we had a friends Chris and Chrissy Astle who watched Dax for 5 weeks until Johns schedule switched to Graves.They we're so thoughtful and their kids Landon and Kenna loved Dax.They played read stories and had naptime.All in all January was a fun month for us.