Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Daxtons First Easter

Daxton celebrated his First Easter in Vegas! We decided to go down and see my family since it had been a while and we we're so excited!!! The drive down was peaceful Dax slept almost the entire way except for 45 minutes or so.We got to town and hung out with my parents. They played with Dax and we relaxed and settled in, Toni and I went to Costco with Dax and got food for Easter and of course samples It was fun to spend quality time with her, We stayed up watching TV and hung out and talked.Saturday morning we went to my friends Dana and Rudys they invited us for breakfast and let the kids play.It was fun and the breakfast was so good! After we decided to go  down to the strip and see the Easter Bunny down there. We went to Fashion Place mal and walked around. We used the new Big Boy stroller for Dax it was nice and relaxing although it was incredibly crowded. We windowed shopped for fun at super expensive stores. We never ended up seeing the Easter bunny so we left and drove out to Henderson and watched Johns Nephew Colton play in his Baseball Championship game. It was extremely hot but fun nonetheless. We hung out with Grandma Carpenter and Uncle Brian and Aunt Jen Kaden and Josie. After we drove to Target did some shopping and got Dax a cute Shark Fish swim trunks. We gave him 3 choices and he chose those. We did some spring clothes shopping it was nice to add some color to my closet. We got home and got ready for our triple date night with Chris and Mandy and Amanda and Ryan. I was excited because we we're surprising Amanda she didn't know. We ate at a very nice Italian restaurant inside Tavoli Village. After we went to the movies  it was really fun. After we went to Shelbys and colored Easter eggs it was so fun to hangout with them. Dax had fun with his cousins. Sunday morning was Easter and we went to church with the family. It was fun to see everyone and go to church Easter Sunday. After church we went home and had our  Annual Easter Egg hunt at the Pond. It was fun and sweet to have Dax hunt for eggs with John. Of course Dax didn't know what was going on but it was cute nonetheless. He picked up the eggs and tried eating them. We took some pictures and had Easter Dinner. It was delicious. We loved giving Dax his Easter basket we got him Mickey Mouse, Elephant from Lorax, Mariachis toys and my parents got him A 13 piece beach toy set.Overall it was a fun Easter Weekend. We left the next day and drove to Hurricane and stayed with johns parents for a few days. We went Swimming went to the movies hung out and relaxed. It was very relaxing. I enjoyed our week vacation with our families.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daxton 10 Months

Daxton is 10 Months old I don't know where the time goes seriously. Dax decided this month that he would FINALLY start crawling. It happened on May 15th in the afternoon. A week after he turned 10 months but who's counting?!John came home on his lunch break which he never does. We we're sitting and it happened. We we're both so excited and happy. John and I had been longing for him to crawl since 6 months. By 9 months we thought he won't do it, he will skip crawling and go straight to walking. Everyone kept asking us is he crawling yet? Our answer was always No! I recorded it on our camera as well as on my phone. His favorite thing to crawl to is the TV go figure. He loves getting all the DVDS out and playing with them as well as finding the remote .He Loves crawling in the kitchen and playing with the chairs. Dax is always getting into something. He thoroughly enjoys crawling to the bathroom and standing up and looking inside the bathtub. It's safe to say he is obsessed with Bath time! He gets so excited when we turn on the water he babbles. He loves all of his bath toys. Duckies and sea animal toys. Dax is still a cuddle bear. He knows if he cuddles with us we will more than likely hold him longer than expected. He loves to eat! He has 4 to 5 bottles a day and 1 feeding of baby foods. He is on 3rds baby food and is such fun to watch eat. He savors every bite and has the cutest facial expressions. He still loves Sweet Potatoes and has recently tried Zucchini and loved it. Our Peds DR told us he can't have table food till he has 4 teeth so we are anxiously awaiting 2 more teeth. He wants everything of ours whether it's our food our phone or the car keys.Dax still loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, It is by far his all time favorite show. Dax squeals and gets so excited!!! It is so cute. He also likes Max and Ruby,the movie Cars, Bob the Builder and much more. His favorite toy is his music Toy which he can stand and play with for 10 minutes or so.Dax takes 1 or 2 naps a day depending on the day.Usually morning nap at 11 and afternoon at 4.Sometimes for an hour or more. John lowered his mattress because he was being a monkey all the time and standing up.Dax is so friendly and has the sweetest personality. He loves people! Whether we are at church,the store, the Gym daycare or at a friends he is always so HAPPY! Babbling smiling and just being his cute self. He has no stranger danger and will go to anyone. We are enjoying it while it lasts.He Usually sleeps from 8:30pm to 1 am then has a feeding and a diaper change then sleeps till 6 am. Dax snacks on little crunchies we call them baby Cheetos and little strawberry Puffs. Church is hard because know that he crawls he does not like to sit still. We make the best of it though, I love rocking him to sleep and singing Primary songs. We are more in love with Dax everyday, Can't wait for his 1 st birthday in a few months, Until then.



Daxton's First Swim April 2012

Daxton had his first Swimming experience at Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter's on April 3rd.We went down to Vegas to spend Easter weekend with my family and decided to spend a few days at my inlaws in Hurricane Utah. Prior to going we went to Buy Buy Baby and got Dax a flotaie and we're really excited to use it. We had no idea how Dax would react to the water but we we're anxious to see his reaction. At first he cried I even have video of it on my phone. It took a few seconds for him to get use to the water and after a few minutes he loved it. He was splashing and laughing and babbling it was so cute. He swam for over 30 minutes and just relished in this new things called Water. He was smiling laughing and was such a joy to watch. I love that Dax is a water baby.Both of his grandparents have pools so he has no choice but to be a little Fishy. We can't wait to take him to the beach this summer right around his First birthday so exciting!