Monday, July 8, 2013

Daxton's FIRST Birthday Smash Cake, Mickey Pancakes and Mexican Dinner

I Cannot believe that a whole YEAR has flown by since the day Daxton was born on July 7th, 2012. It all seemed to happen so fast. My water broke I was in labor for 15 hours, pushing for 3 hours. Then finally decided to do a C Section I was terrified scared and nervous and well here he came! It was the most unforgettable, Life changing, Amazing, Emotional experience of my LIFE! When he was a Newborn we weren't sure how we would get through the sleepless nights and days but we managed. Then came 4 months he rolled over  and then 6 months he started eating baby foods then 10 months he was crawling and now he is a YEAR OLD?!!!! WOW. Today is his actual birthday. We woke up and went into his room and sang Happy Birthday! We also had a cuddle party on our bed. We laughed and played and threw him up in the air and have him land on the bed, Dax loved that! We decided to make him a Mickey Mouse Pancake for breakfast. He liked it. After that we got ready for the day and went to Lowes. We walked around and got a few things. Then we went to Smiths and got his Balloons. For his Actual Birthday we decided to do a smashcake Photo shoot John made the cake and we bought ballons and decorations. We made Homemade white frosting and bought Red and Yellow food coloring. We also bought a cute Mickey candle but decided to wait and light it when he has his 2 Birthday Parties with Family and Friends this weekend in Vegas and Cali. So I have seen pictures on Pinterest of babies and Smash cakes and I thought let's try it. It was fun. At first Dax was just playing with the frosting and not doing much. It was funny because he would just look at the frosting and then rub the frosting with his hands. After a while John decided to dig his hand in so that Dax could actually start eating the cake. The cake we chose was a white cherry chip cake. We chose Red and Yellow Frosting because of Mickey Mouse. Dax started digging in and eating, smiling and enjoying himself. We sang him Happy Birthday and recorded it. John said this will be playing at your Wedding. I couldn't help but laugh. We took a Million pictures and after a while Dax pushed the plate away as if he could talk he would say "All Done". It was cute so we grabbed him and put him in the bath tub to rinse off. We cleaned up the mess and got ready to go to dinner. We went to Don Pedros a Mexican Restaurant and Dax had a cheese Quesadilla beans and rice. He wasn't a real fan of beans but he loves Cheese!!!! We enjoyed being out as a family and loved watching Dax eat and be playful. Every time he gets excited he growls it's so cute! We remised about the First year and how fast it went. We are so grateful Daxton came into our lives when he did. It happened fast but I wouldn't have any other way. I am so happy and thankful Dax came when he did. He is our Sunshine. He definably makes life sweeter, Let's hope this next year can go a little slower. Here's to hoping he will walk soon and hoping he will finally saw Momma. Until next year!