Friday, September 13, 2013

First Time at the Library September 2013

Well I have been wanting to take Dax to the Library and I kept putting it off and finally today decided to go. It was only 5 minutes from our house and it is BEAUTIFUL.  We had the ENTIRE Kids area to ourselves.. He kept taking the book and throwing it at me. Every time I would laugh. It was quite entertaining. I let him play around for a while on the floor and with some toys and he had the ENTIRE play area to himself. I was actually surprised there we're no other kids playing around in there. It made it nice we could have quality bonding time with no interruptions. I picked a book and showed it to him. He actually sat there patiently as I tried yes tried reading to him but he wasn't having that so I decided to let him take the book and play with it or look at the pictures. He looked at the pictures and then started being funny and throwing the book back at me. It was very funny and Dax was thoroughly amused. Dax has the BEST expressions. He is so funny and sweet. I couldn't of asked for a better First Child.We played around a little bit more and decided to browse the Library. We went upstairs and looked at the videos. It was HUGE. We walked around and looked at everything. Dax would point to things like the LIGHT he loves lights. Every where we go when he sees lights he points and gets excited. We decided to go upstairs to look at the videos and he wanted to push the button for the elevator. He loved it. When we got upstairs there was a Young Mom and her Baby Boy who was 5 months old. Dax kept trying to get in his car seat, it was cute. We decided to go home a. It was very fun and relaxing. I am excited as Dax gets older to take him there more often for Story time, Play groups and have him interact. He is such a happy sweet loving baby. I couldn't be more proud to be his Momma. I love spending these sweet moments with him. The next thing I know he will be all grown up, He will forever be my Baby. The next time we were with friends and had story time and they made a craft and had a treat. It was a lot of fun