Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bye Bye Eagle Mountain Hello Vernal February 2013

Well when we bought our townhouse I had no idea we would only be there for 10 months! John has interviewed for a promotion out in vernal but he didn't get it but John being ahead of the game he decided to put our house up for sale just incase. Little did we know 1 week on the MLS and 1 showing we would have an offer well over our asking price! We sold it and now had 3 weeks to pack up and find somewhere else to move too. We looked immediately. We found a darling townhouse in lehi off of thanksgiving point exit. We met the landlords and they had 10 other ppl apply so we we're skeptical but the next day they called us and told us it was ours! A few weeks later around Valentine's John boss called and told him they ended up opening up another position and we thought it through and went for it! At the time I was working full time so this allowed me to stay at home with Dax and be home with him.John would not only have a pay raise but more responsibility as a probation and parole officer. Well there was alot to do before all of this went down. We had to get out of our year lease which wasn't fun. We had to pay a lot and I was furious about it. The situation in general was hard. I had to tell my boss at Volkswagen southtowne the busiest car dealership in Utah I was their receptionist. It was bittersweet I loved everyone I worked with but I also wanted to be a stay at home mom Desperately. Everyone was understanding but sad to see me go.We ended up moving In with John's sister Stacy and her family. Only for 3 weeks because John got hurt at POST. He was doing a PT run and his calf froze up.He left and ended up on crutches and doing physical therapy a week later we moved to Vernal. Crazy how things turn out

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