Friday, July 18, 2014

Easter April 2014

Easter was SO much fun this year. We went to Target Friday Night and bought Dax his Easter Outfit and his Easter Basket. I got an Easter dress as well and some cute new wedges. Saturday we did a little more shopping and went to lunch at TGIF in Salt Lake.So yummy we love that place. After that we drove to Syracuse and had a family BBQ with johns sister Stacy and Johns brother \Jeff their families and well as some of my brother in law Kelbys siblings. We hung out and Dax played in the backyard. He was jumping on the tramp and playing on the swing set. He also decided to play T Ball. It was adorable.He wanted to be big like his cousins KJ and Karter. Later in the evening we decided to do a Night Easter egg hunt and Dax Loved it he just ran around with the flashlight it was Hilarious. We grabbed some eggs and candy and then decided to head home because it was getting late. The next day was Easter Sunday we actually didn't go to church because it was Stake Conference. So we stayed home and we put together his Easter Basket. It was fun. I cleaned the house and made dinner. My brother Jordan came down from Provo and we went to the park, had a nice dinner and hung out. We also did a little easter egg hunt in the backyard although Dax had no idea what was going on it was still cute. It was a fun Holiday and loved seeing Dax happy.

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