Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Baby Showers for Baby Daxton April May June 2012

I was blessed and fortunate enough to Have 3 showers. One in California I was born and raised there since I was 16 I had family and all my friends I grew up with. One in Utah with John's family some of my extended family and roommates and friends and one in Vegas with my step mom  everyone from the ward and my Vegas friends!
The first was in April I was 6 months pregnant and it was in California at my aunt's in Laguna Nigel,.it was HOT! The theme was little man and it was adorable decorated so cute! It was a brunch and the food was delicious crepes and pastries and Kristen had little man clothes hanging up and it literally was perfect! Needless to say I was spoiled WOW I was overwhelmed Dax received so many clothes. My mom couldn't believe it and kept cracking joke's.  Lol my mom got Dax a cute soft blanket a memory book an outfit which I loved the sentimental the better.  we had cute cupcakes took lot's of pictures and reminiscent about all my friends growing up together 



The next one was in Utah in May!  It was cooler needless to say it was in lehi at my sister in laws Amy who is the ultimate party was a brunch with breakfast quiches fruits pastries anything and everything.  I was 7 months. My sister Jaclyn came along with lot's of cousins friends roommates and John's family his mom sisters aunt's and cousin's. It was a nautical sailor theme! Everyone guessed my due date and how much Dax would weigh on a cute card and they each wrote Dax a special note! I received lot's of clothes blankets toys and a really nice humidifier! John's sisters put together an adorable gift basket. Johns parents helped pay for the crib. My sweet grandma even came which was so thoughtful! Very fun taking everything home that day and organizing it. After John took everything and Jaclyn and I had a sister day went shopping hungout and came home had dinner and a movie with John that night




The last shower was in June!  In Vegas it was Extremely HOT! I was 35weeks and ready to pop! It was at my parents house. The theme was jungle animals like monkeys giraffes lions! It was in the afternoon we had salads fruits veggies deserts sandwiches lot's of yummy food! We played a game where everyone wrote Dax a card with a certain letter of the alphabet. It was fun having all my Vegas friends there!  They all spoiled Dax lot's of clothes and ny friend Rachel made a sign for Dax nursery it made me cry!! Toni and my dad bought his car seat and stroller. After everyone left John and I went to target used the gifts cards and then relaxed at home

I was very grateful to everyone and I never want to travel when I'm that far along
EVER again too uncomfortable.

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