Saturday, October 25, 2014

Moving to Vernal April 2013

We weren't supposed to move to Vernal until June but of course life isn't always as you plan. 2 days after John started police academy in April he sprained his calf and had to drop out of POST. We were devastated and scared. John really injured himself. We went to a few different drs he was on crutches and would need Physical Therapy! Wow! We moved to Vernal shortly after because John had a promotion and needed to start right away. Vernal is 2 1\2hrs away from Utah county. It was a Small rural town. I only knew 1 person out there. I was able to stay home with Dax! We had a nice new apartment. Life was about to change. It was very hard. I was lonely I had moved away from all my family and friends. We got frozen yogurt a lot went on picnics rented a lot of movies and made the most of living in a small town. John worked a lot we fought alot because I was so unhappy. Dax was only 9 months old.we made some good friends and had bbq with them a few times. I lived at the nice new huge rec center the gym.I went everyday. Dax loved it. He was so happy at daycare. I would clean the house make dinner blog sometimes and do that everyday. I would hangout with friends sometimes but that's it. I literally made it my hell. I should of had a better attitude. We took drives a lot had picnics went camping once. It was an experience and a adventure. It lasted 5 short months we were grateful for John's promotion but happy to be moving back to Utah county. Here is our place in Vernal we lived in a really nice Apartment.

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