Thursday, November 6, 2014

2 Year Old Little things July 2014

In the B L I N K of an eye your tiny newborn will go from sleeping all day to rolling over sitting up crawling walking and talking! Dax is very Social! Every time we go to the park he says Hi and waves. At the grocery store he recognizes Bananas and candy and always days please when he wants something.
Terrible 2s have officially started WOW. Tantrums whining and being crazy is definitely on Daxtons radar now. And boy it's not fun needless to say
He love's animals. Every time we go outside he says chirp chirp for the birdies! eow for meow for cats. Neigh for horses, we see lots here in santaquin . Whenever he sees change he snorts like a pig so we can feed his piggy bank it's adorable.
He knows his surroundings he knows where our house is and where are friends live. If we go to someone house he's never been to he freaks! He's extremely clingy

When he wants to READ he will grab a book and get in his glider and look at the book or bring me one to read to him.
He still takes naps thankfully 1. 2hr nap from 1 to 3 and sometimes by 8 he will say night night and point to the glider to rock him to sleep. He usually goes to bed between 8 & 8:30. He's definitely a morning person. He usually wakes up between 6 and 7! Happy as a clam saying mommy mommy!
He is LOUD!! He love's screaming in the car when he's excited. Or saying baba or nana it's hilarious especially when he's around his cousins

He love's being outside. The park is his happy place.The swings are his favorite! He love's Fruit snacks,Grahms,Eggs, love's saying please!

Love's tool's, cars, animals, cuddling,laughing,smiling, socializing, being active, playing outside. Love's watching George! Love's music & dancing. Love's saying Roar and scaring people.

Oh little Dax we love you




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