Thursday, November 6, 2014

Carlsbad Vacation 2014

This is our 4th year going to Carlsbad together! The first year In 2010 we were dating we skipped going in 2011 because we were getting married that summer 2012 Dax was a newborn 3weeks old 2013 Dax was 1 and now this year Dax is 2!
Usually our family annual Carpenter fanily vacation is in July but this year it was in August! We left on a Thursday afternoon we packed the car and stayed at my in laws in St George. We hung out by the pool played in the backyard and went to La Verkin looking at the fixer upper my father in law is flipping and selling. Lot's of work but it looks great. After we we're home for a bit got ready and ate at a place called Domingos it's a Mexican restaurant like cafe Rio. We visited and ate just Steve John Dax and I. When we got home we were exhausted and went to sleep. The next day we loaded the car up and left for Vegas! We stayed at my parents. We got into town and visited my friend Amanda at her work! After we shopped at target we got Dax some new shoes clothes and I got a new beach bag! After we went to my parent's John and Dax napped. Toni and I ran errands got pizza and relaxed. We had a family bbq chicken salads deserts. Jaclyn and I went to jc penny after window shopped then came home went to bed

We got up at 5am and left for California it was raining. We took Jaclyn it was a fun fast road trip. We stopped at Jack in the box for breakfast yummy yummy. We got to my brothers hungout for an hour visited my mom niece nephew brothers and sister in law Tammy. After we left we drove to Carlsbad we went the back way and it was beautiful! It was overcast. When we arrived we carried all of our luggage up to our room and then I went with Stacy to Costco and we got the food for the week. When we left it started raining! And we hungout in the beach house in comfys all night very relaxing! The next day it was sunny we had a beach day Dax loved the sand. John was in the water I layed out. That day we stayed until 2 let Dax nap and we got ready and met my friends for dinner in Oceanside on the pier. Amy and Andrew and Amy's little sister Ashley her boyfriend Robby and faith her daughter. It was fun catching up talking laughing telling stories. Monday morning we went and got manis and pedis carpenter tradition and I bought us cessys for lunch!  we spent part of the day at the beach then showered left and walked the mall and shopped. We bought Mickey mouse shirts and I got a black pair of Nikes. Monday night we had fanily night at the park played games and had a bbq.





Tuesday was Disneyland! Wow amazing priceless I'm writing a separate post about...Wednesday we went to the beach we relaxed in the sunshine then got ready for the angel vs Dodgers game in Anaheim SO Fun! We went to the mall trying to find Angels shirts but being in San Diego there wasn't any ANGELS stuff. So we left came home had dinner and got ready. My dad and toni called us on the way to the game. My dad said where we are sitting is where we use to sit growing up going to angels games it was a fun memory to reminisce. We spoiled ourselves we got shirts hat's and a souvenir rally monkey for Dax! The souvenir store was beautiful and huge.The angels lost but we still had a great time. John loved it and wished we could go all the time! He was on cloud 9 I loved seeing him so happy. We got home late and went to bed.


Thursday we decided to spend ALL day at the beach since we hadn't done that all week. John and I took a walk and talked it was nice. I actually got in the water with John. Which he loved. He loved seeing my curly hair and we got some decent waves. We all built sandcastles and enjoyed each others company. I ended up taking a nap.Friday we decided NO beach we spent the day as a family of 3 we shopped at the outdoor. Carlsbad outlets ate lunch at Rubys and hung out. After we got back Dax napped we started packing and hanging out with kj and karter. We got pizza that night. We walked down to the pier took pictures and walked on the beach. I finished packing that night then Saturday morning we took pictures in front of the beach house and stopped at my brothers to say bye to them. Paulo and Dax are adorable together. We made it to Vegas and stopped at my friend's taras because they were moving to Texas. I met her newborn landon so cute! We hungout at my parents for a bit then got back on the road. We ate at cracker barrel in St George with Michelle's family. Then everyone went swimming that night. Later we went hot tubing with Stacy and Kelby that was fun! We left the next morning and drove home



It was a long fun 11 days trip. And the dreaded unpacking and laundry started. Until next year!:)

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