Monday, November 3, 2014

Christmas Eve Christmas and Meeting Santa 2013

 Five days before Christmas we finally decided to meet Santa. We went to the University mall in Orem like the year before and well Dax did great. He smiled and got a sucker and was a happy little boy. We also did a Christmas Ornament at my friend Mandys which was very fun.

December 24th 2014
Christmas eve this year we went and last minute filled each other's stockings and had little surprises for each other. After we drove up to Sandy and visited my grandma Jorgensen that was fun. I hate seeing her alone during the holidays it makes me sad! I try to visit her as much as possible. We talked and visited for a few hours wishing her a merry Christmas she thought Dax was so cute and big. After we left we decided to have Christmas eve dinner with one of John mission buddies and his family. We watched a movie and hung out. When we got home we opened Dax Christmas jammies and took pics
Christmas day we opened presents had a yummy breakfast watched Dax relish in all of the excitement. We got him a lot of small little toys my parent's got him a Cozy Coupe and John's parents got him a cute Mickey mouse sing along DVD and it says Dax! John's parents came over we opened presents they gave us and we talked and visited. Took pictures and laughed. For Christmas dinner we had spaghetti and shortly after John had to leave to drive to Vernal because he was still working out there. I was sad to watch him leave but knew it we were faithful he would soon be transferred down. I talked to all my siblings and mom and wished them all a merry Christmas until next year!



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