Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dax takes on DISNEYLAND August 2014

Well Disneyland with a 2year old...we did it! We didn't know what to expect. We drove from Carlsbad to Anaheim and on a Tuesday morning it took less than an hour which was amazing. My sweet mother in law Georgia came with us. We parked and took a big bus over to the park. We had bought our tickets online months prior so no waiting In line we grabbed our rental really NICE stroller and we're off! We walked down main street and bought Dax Mickey hat annual flow and behold who comes out...MICKEY!!!!! I was freaking out I was so excited! John saw him first. We asked the lady accompanying Mickey,  if we could have a picture she said sure! We were the firsts and it had only been a few minutes walking into the park!
Next we went on our First ride Jungle Cruise! Dax loved it.We sat in a boat like thing went into a river if water and saw these animated pretend animals! We walked around John and I went on a ride thunder mountain  then we went to the tiki room SO Fun! Dax loved the bird's music he was having a blast. Luckily he napped during lunch and dinner. We had burgers and fries for lunch. John and I wanted to ride space mtn and it was the longest ride 50minutes!  But well worth it! We went on Peter pan Mr toads wild ride buzz lightyear & one of Dax favorite it's a small world! We went into the tiki room a few more times.
Halfway throughout the day we noticed Dax Mickey hat was missing so we got a new one and for FREE we explain what happened and they we're totally understandable! What a relief! We also saw Mickey again right after that. Then the fun parade started. That was a blast! Dax was laughing and having a great time.
We ate at a Mexican restaurant and you got alot for your money. Dax napped and we decide to see if John and Georgia could ride space mtn but it was closed! So sad! We walked around a bit longer now it was dark we got some ice cream and relaxed. After we were getting ready to leave we saw Minnie and Pluto! So fun. Dax was so tired by then we took pictures and drove home 13 hours later we survived!
People thought we were crazy taking a 2year old to Disneyland in August but the weather was great Dax did amazing and we all had fun! Were hoping to go next yr but in the spring: )
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