Monday, November 3, 2014

Daxton 18 month Check Up Februrary 2014

Dax 18 Month check up was a  little late about a month and a half late. I was working full time and I was very limited on getting time off. So I decided to take Presidents day off. We went to his appointment in the afternoon. Dr Cox was excited to see Dax. He 23 1/2 pds 31 percentile almost 24! 31 1/2 in 8th percentile and 48.9 head circumference. 89th Percentile Big Head!!!! He's healthy as can Be! He loved playing with the Drs ear instrument and stethoscope. He of course hated his shots. Dr Cox was excited that Dax was walking. He knew he would and it would be on his timeframe.



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