Monday, November 3, 2014

Daxton 18 Months Janurary 2014

I didn't believe people when they said from a year to 18months Dax will change drastically he sure did! He is very happy friendly saying words pointing to things WALKING joining nursery and his personality is really shining through! He is cuddly and still loves Mickey mouse. He loves sleeping In the car when we are running errands or road trips. He loves Eggs! Mexican food Yogurt and much more. It's weird to think 6 months ago Dax was only 1.He finally love's books!  He will bring me books to read and sit and listen. He makes us so happy. He still looks small and he still has his Bink. He says Hi Momma Jesus Dada No and a few others. He will go to anyone literally. He is so friendly and a joy to have in our home.
                                                              - Saying a few Words
                                                              - Listening
Dax is still a Baby but is such a Big boy too. He is full of joy and love and is always giving us kisses and hugs. We are hoping to get rid of his bink sooner than later. He still drinks a bottle in the morning and before bed. I love my mommy and daddy. Mickey is my best friend. I love taking naps. I love phones,cars,trucks,anything electronical really. I turned 1 & started walking. I love sleeping in the car on road trip. I am very friendly and cuddly. no stranger danger. I love you music. I like spaghetti chicken yogurt Any fruit. Chocolate milk. Eggs, peanut butter. Mommas protein shakes. Mexican food. I have to cuddle after waking up from a nap or from sleeping all night. I love giving hugs and kisses.



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