Thursday, November 6, 2014

Daxtons 2nd Birthday Hogle Zoo I Hop Breakfast 2 yr Check Up and a little Party July 7th 2014

Daxton's Birthday landed on a Monday,  July 7th 2014 so we decided to take work off and go to the Zoo! We woke up and sang him happy birthday. We got all ready and our first place we went to was IHOP for a Birthday Breakfast. Dax had pancakes and a yummy free ice cream sundae. He devoured it and was on cloud 9.                                  

The next stop was to Daxton's 2 year check up. We we're excited to see Dr Cox because it had been a while. Dax did great and is right on track. 25 1/2 lbs 33inches 48cm head circumference Growing boy he's grown a Ton since his 18 month checkup He's right on track physically and developmentally we couldn't be happier.
Next up was Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. We we're so excited. Dax loved animals especially Monkeys. It wasn't to hot or to crowded. The first animal we saw was GORILLA and it was HUGE! We said Hi and looked and took pictures. Dax was so excited. After there was this sign that said are you taller than the average monkey? we all saw if we measured up. It was cute. We saw Rhinos, Tigers, Birds, Reptiles, and much more. When Dax saw the tiger he said Roar! We ate lunch there and it was delicious we had Burgers fries and drinks. Dax loved the fries only because he could put ketchup on them. After we walked around some more took lots of pictures and made sure we saw every animal. We we're there for 2 1/2 hrs and loved every minute. We decided we definitely want season passes. We went to the gift shop and bought him 3 new buddies. A cat tiger, a rhino and a gorilla.



The picture above is the weekend after his birthday and reading to his new little friends. After the zoo we left and filled up our car and got some snacks. Then we drove to Stacys in Syracuse Johns sisters. We had dinner there Enchilada's and had a little party for Dax. Stacy made a little cake and she bought him a Curious George Shirt so cute! It was the perfect way to end his 2nd birthday. I am also proud of myself I didn't cry. What a fun memorable day.


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