Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fathers Day 2014

Fathers Day was a Fun Weekend. It was Johns Birthday On friday so we went to dinner at Zupas and went to a movie called 22 Jump Street. It was hilarious. After we were so tired we came home and put Dax to bed and went to bed. Saturday we decided to go out to dinner for father's day we went to pizza factory.It was fun relaxing and enjoyable. Dax even played with his golf clubs on Saturday, Made Daddy proud. John loves golf and hopes to take Dax someday On Fathers Day and we went to Church and enjoyed Sacrament meeting the talks and the Primary singing. When we came home I took pictures of them and Dax and I baked John a cake for his birthday. We also gave him homemade cards and candy and told him how much we love him and what a great Daddy he is to Dax.


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