Thursday, November 13, 2014

First Snow Fall and The Library November 2014

Today we went to the Library for story time and returning his books we check out every week. We usually get around 3 or 4 books and get new ones every week. Today we learned about Pilgrims and Turkeys. The teacher asked Dax if he wanted to be pick a turkey feather to see what book we would pick. We are usually the first ones there. She read 4 books then after we did a craft and we colored a turkey cut it out and put it together. So Fun. Dax would laugh whenever we would say Gobble Gobbler like a turkey. When we left it started SNOWING! Wow we were surprised. First last winter it hardly snowed at all to the point we didn't need to buy Dax any snow clothes. This winter will definitely be different. Dax liked it though until he touched it and was freezing. Now we need to put away summer clothes and get ready for winter!


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