Monday, November 3, 2014

Girl's GetAway and my Best Friends Wedding Agust 2013

Well this was my first Getaway away from Dax. My best friend roommate Elise was getting married in cedar city. So Megan me and Hannah drove down together to cedar city. What an adventure it was. Before leaving I dropped Dax off at Adris my friend in vernal and I drove to Orem. I stopped at the mall bought an outfit and went to Wal-Mart bought some things I needed then drove to Hannah and helped her pack and get ready. After Megan came over and Hannah drove. We stopped at in n out got lunch and was on our way! Hannah car had some car trouble but we managed. The hotel was really cute! We got there got settled then went and got manis and pedis. So relaxing and fun! Court met us there. She drove in from Arizona! After we all went back to the hotel to get ready for the dinner rehearsal. We were all happy to have a girls weekend without husbands boyfriends and kid's. Although we missed them dearly. We drove to knarraville where the rehearsal dinner was! The food was amazing. Elise and James have great families and friends! We took pictures hung out laughed visited with everyone. After we drove back to the hotel relaxed talked and went to bed. The next day we had breakfast and went to this salon to get our updos done. So fun very neat experience. Elise paid for it so thoughtful. After we grabbed lunch and some snow cones. Yummy the weather was nice too. After we went back to the hotel got ready and headed to the venue. Elise aunt's beautiful huge house! It was a gorgeous backyard wedding. I loved being apart of her special day. Especially since I was the only friend with Elise when she met James. They loved beautiful together and you could tell they're a match made in heaven. After the wedding we drove back to the hotel freshen up and headed to the reception in Elise mom's backyard.  Fun! Cafe Rio catered was delicious! The cake was incredible. Elise dress was breathtaking. It was her mom's wedding dress! Looked stunning on her. It was one of the funest receptions i've been too. Dancing laughing FUN! After we drove back to the hotel and Megan and I went hot tubing so relaxing. Sunday morning we had breakfast at the hotel. Meg and I layed out.we saw Elise talked for a bit. After we packed up left drove home. I left and drove back to vernal and was SO happy I missed my boys so much! Over all fun weekend!


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