Monday, November 3, 2014

Grandma Jeans Funeral September 2011

Unexpected my Grandma Jean passed away September 1 2011. She had slowly gone down hill had a stroke and ended up moving into my parents. Well she ended up dying in her sleep. We were all devastated. We went down the day before her funeral to Vegas. It was at a funeral home near the Airport. It was a beautiful service. Toni spoke and so did her best friend. The casket was beautiful. We all wrote letters to Grandma Jean before she passed and Toni read them to her. That was very meaningful to ne. Towards the end all of us kids talked about things we loved and missed about her and all of the memories we had together. After we went to a restaurant and had a big family and friends lunch in it was delicious. After we went back to the house packed up and drove back to Utah.



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