Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween Carnival Halloween Party and a Pumpkin Patch October 2014

The week before Halloween was busy! Thursday we went to a Halloween party John's department had. It was in a huge building and it had 12 floors of different themed rooms. Some scary others animate like monster Inc comic con and wizard of Oz! Dax loved it! He didn't cry once! He got a ton of candy! We went to dinner after at olive garden with John's sister Michelle. The service was horrible so we got free desert!
The next night our ward had a Halloween Carnival so fun! I went early helped the YW set up the games. We made candy corn sugar cookies and a rice krispies bundt cake yummy and was the biggest hit!! Everyone loved it!!! We had a dinner and hung out. I took Dax to the games and we played ghost bowling he did great! He got candy and prizes! We waited John had to clean up! And came home Dax was tired!
Lastly Saturday afternoon we went to the pumpkin patch Jackers in springville so fun! Big open & FREE we only paid for pumpkins. There was a petting zoo a live band and a huge open pumpkin patch. We got dirty but it was fun. It was sunny and bright. Dax tried carrying the pumpkins it was cute. We took pictures looked and watched the animals. Picked our pumpkins and took them to our car in a cute wagon! The only thing I would change for next year is go later in the day so we're not blinded by the sun. 

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